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By Chris Holly – 22 hours 42 min ago
 Real Time Abductees and the, Aliens...

I have been writing for about two years about a group of people I call Real Time Abductees. I call the group real time due to the fact they are taken when they are fully awake while going about the usual business of their normal days. These people are taken against their will they are taken by beings that are not human and returned hours later with little or no memory of what happened to them during the lost hours of their abductions. The people are fully aware of when the event begins, have only flash or no recall of what took place during the kidnapping and are always returned feeling drugged, ill and disoriented. They are at times returned near the place they were taken however many Real Time Abductees are returned far from where they were taken. At times they are placed in areas they have never been to before making the ordeal very difficult for the poor souls who are enduring these events.

Real Time Abductees are not sleeping when these abductions occur, do not claim telepathic communication with aliens or have the encounters brought forth via hypnotism. They are everyday people going through everyday routines of everyday life when they are against their will kidnapped by something that easily overpowers them rendering them unconscious. The abductee s have suffered from these events for most of their lifetimes many having them starting when they small children.

I have been fortunate to have six  Real Time Abductees from the Eastern Coast of the United States agree to  come together in a group over the past year  to try to find answers to the horror of being an abductee by forming this group. It was the hope of the group that by sharing with one another what they experienced they could better understand the ordeal of having this type of abduction.

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