The purpose of our work in this crop circle is to imprint the harmony of the two interlocking triangles of heaven and earth in perfect balance and union into the living corn, and in this way the forces of balance and union of spirit and matter work into the earth and into human beings. We wish you to recognise how these forms are there within you, how you as a spiritual being living in a human body actually embody this great principle of the interpenetration of heaven and earth, spirit and matter at all times and in everything that you do. When you open your consciousness fully to this reality, then is the step to recognising your existences in the stars an easy one – for it becomes self-evident that you are multi-dimensional beings. So, dear ones, open to the six-fold star within you, let your heart’s consciousness flow into its forms, flow down into the earth your mother, flow up to the heavens above, and flow out in all directions to explore the earth and to explore the spirit realms. Seek the still place within, the still place of the heart, and feel the turning of the merkaba.

13 august 2013
12 august