Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beaches Glow Red….No, Blue in Australia – Photos

You have to wonder if predictions of 2012 are knocking at Australia’s door, two weeks ago the beaches were red and this week they are glowing blue. Oh yes, we have all the experts giving us the technical and biological reasons, but if you were to tell someone this was going to happen a year ago they would of said you were crazy. We are approaching the magical date of Dec 21, 2012 and look what is happening. Well, whatever you happen to believe or choose to believe it certainly makes for a spectacular sight! reports that the eastern beaches coastline resembled the Red Sea last Tuesday, the “night lantern” visited Sydney’s Malabar beach that evening.

              This weeks image                                           Last week image

These photos have NOT been digitally enhanced – in fact, photographer Dr David Psaila said the water was an even more spectacular colour blue than that shown in these images, the Southern Courier reports.

“The organism responsible, Noctiluca Scintillans known as “night lantern” is very aptly named, as it will luminesce a bright blue when it is disturbed by waves,” he said.

The Chifley scientist said the red algae that crept along the east coast last week contained a chemical called luciferin which was a common protein found in bioluminescent animals.

“It’s a chemical reaction that causes light,” he said. “It is often found in deep sea creatures and is the exact same chemical that causes fire flies to glow.”

Dr Psaila said although he had seen this effect before but never to this degree.

“The reason why there are probably not seeing it at other beaches is that those beaches would have a lot more lights around so its really hard to see whereas at Malabar – you see the waves rolling in and they are all blue,” he said.

Dare I say, only in Australia and only in 2012.