They are really getting desperate folks – let’s hold the space for these beautiful formations of truth and knowledge!-A.M.



The 2013 crop circle season has been a very challenging one. Not only have we had to deal with the effects of the very poor weather in the UK during the winter and spring, but we have also had to try very hard to circumvent the growing trend for cutting out the crop circles by many Wiltshire farmers. We have lost at least 6 formations that we know of due to farmers cutting them – it is likely we will lose more. Some have been cut before a record could even be made of them.





Photo Monique Klinkenbergh
This circle at Roundway near Devizes was cut before anyone could photograph it. There is now no record of how it originally looked.


This circle which appeared on the top of Milk Hill was cut out immediately by the farmer. We were very, very lucky to have spotted before him!



As you will have read in our previous newsletters, there is a new initiative this year to help compensate farmers who allow access to their fields. However, as this initiative is new it’s going to time for it to begin to take effect.




In the meantime, in order to try and beat the cutters we are having to take an increasing number of early morning reconnaissance flights and we now very much need your help to fund them.




We are now reaching one of the most critical stages of the crop circle season. It’s late in the season that – traditionally – some of the best and most important formations of the year appear. Without your urgent help many of these formations could be lost. Please help us try to capture as many as we can for posterity and future generations. It would be heartbreaking if some of the most spectacular and significant formation of the year were chewed under the blades of the farmers tractors before we could get there…





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