Jesus Sananda
channeled by Jahn J Kassl, June 1, 2013
first published in English on June 2, 2013

Translated by Georgi Stankov

Beloved children of men,

earth_sunrise2_1I have taken the “scepter of knowledge” from our beloved brother ASANA MAHATARI and we enter the era of miracles, in which new paths for all people open up, in which the divine fullness will pour down over humanity in a never before seen abundance, with unprecedented intensity, in a light flux from the primary source of all being which cannot  be affected by anything or anyone.

I am Jesus Sananda, the guardian of the earth, who has opened the door wide to the light, which has already been passed by many tried and true light warriors (PAT members) these days.

This time gives you everything, so also you must give this time all  – everything that was born eons of time ago as intention, divine creative power and love, born within yourselves, when you decided to embark on the Earth’s project and savor it completely.

Today I have been instructed by the Creator to announce to you the following Good News:

In a renewed act of grace by the Creator, a time window has been created to avert the approaching and devastating events on 4D. This was possible because since the sky is clear and the air clean (no chemtrail manipulations more! Note JJK), which was made possible by the ascension of the earths to 4D and 5D, since then an unexpectedly large number of people on 4D have awakened.

If this process continues in this radical way, then the assumption is justified that the disaster scenarios on 4D, that were intended to help humanity to achieve their growth can be decisively mitigated. Therefore, the Creator created more 4D earths, so that those people who really aspire to an experience full of suffering, will obtain this environment and those, who still want to “play” on earth, however in search of completion remote from any suffering, will also find a suitable environment.

This means that by the grace of God, the cards are shuffled anew and many new things are possible, which seemed impossible only a few days ago. This means for all new Ascended Masters, who are still on this earth and have directly linked their life missions to the ascension of the earth, that their individual ascensions are indefinitely postponed.

Those realized masters (this applies to the PAT), who have fully met their tasks on earth and are invited to break into the infinity of creation, remain exempt, unless they use their free choice and give their consent to once again draw their traces in the sand of this earth, so that they can bring their light and love – all their strength – on the spot and on 4D. These decisions are made differently from soul to soul, and every decision is honored beyond measure.

For the people on 4D, this means a new opportunity to relatively safely ascend to 5D at a later time. Regarding the level of 3D, here all decisions have been made and this dense planet goes back deep into the darkness, and begins a new cycle of turmoil – the events to this destination are already underway.

In summary, this means:

Rescue of the 4D Earth by the creation of new holograms, so that many people will have over long distances tempered experiences of suffering, before they finally arrive on 5D. The “direct hologram”, that is, the new 4D hologram that is exactly this earth which has emerged from the 3D, on which I, JESUS THE CHRIST, did not die on the crucifix, corresponds to the hologram, on which the events are mitigated. All people, who want to further act in suffering, will gather on the planets newly created by the Creator.

This means that overall, a great migration is imminent. Yet you take little evidence now to this event, but as soon as the first major “disasters” that will happen on 3D penetrate your consciousness, it will become clear what is described here: Saving the Earth 4D, and the time window for this will close in the coming weeks.

Without announcing a specific day, this process will be given no longer than 90 days to unfold. I am the guardian of this world, an overarching and guiding force for this earth, with the love for our brothers and sisters this new grace of the Creator has been made possible. It is a time of great wonders and a time in which no one will be forgotten … unless a person chooses an unambiguous path through barren desert landscapes.

We have an exciting month before us and an exciting time already behind us, we are in the time when facts are created. The new sky was the beginning of many events, which will now follow and which I have come to you to reveal.

It’s me who loves you. I am the one who is the love and life. Have confidence and always do the prayer of devotion in your hearts:

O Lord, I put my life in your hands.
O Lord, I am one with you, I am what I am.

I am
Jesus Sananda