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Definition: Archaeology is the scientific study of human remains and artifacts, including the cultures and behaviors glimpsed from those remains.  Previous human societies are examined through the discovery of human fossils and artifacts such as tools, eating utensils, pottery, and jewelry.  Also food remains, structures, and ruins are reviewed and used to reconstruct life in the past.  Being a field of anthropology, archeology differs in that it concentrates on past societies and the shifts or changes in these societies over epochs of time.  The overlap with history is great, however instead of performing investigations on governmental archives, business documents, or personal correspondence, archaeology strictly focuses on those objects found on the ground or within it.

Archaeology was one of my favorite subjects but I had no idea what its total ramifications were when I was in school!  Now I can see that all of society should be fully informed of the up and coming, as well as forgotten archeological discoveries.  They give us such a lucid glimpse into our past, especially since archaeology doesn’t base its findings on written documents by those in power at the time, but the actual tools and materials that were actually invented and used during that time period.

This is a key ingredient in researching facts on this planet.  Here are some of the links that I have accumulated that are affiliated with archaeology and will hopefully lead you to a totally new world of perspectives!  They are not all necessarily archaeologists but seem to have a relationship with this field.


Dr Sam Osmanagich & Corey Goode – Pyramid Science – Hidden History [VIDEO]

SphereBeingAlliance Dr Sam Osmanagich & Corey Goode – Pyramid Science – Hidden History Feb 22, 2018 This talk was given October 28th 2017 Empowered Light Holistic Expo Go to—- for...
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Ancient ‘gate to hell’ still emitting poison gas centuries after mysterious deaths

RT News Scientists studying an ancient site in Turkey, once thought to be a gate to hell, have found that the deaths recounted at the stone grotto in historical texts were most likely caused by noxious natural gas. The Ploutonion at Hierapolis, or Hades’ Gate –...
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Magic into Myth: Avalon, Mystical Isle of Medieval Arthurian Literature

Ancient Origins The Isle of Apples, Isle of the Blessed, and the Otherworld. These titles have long been associated with the magical resting place of the early medieval king, Arthur Pendragon. A realm imbued with magic, mystery and mysticism, Avalon is as much...
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Proof Giants built the Burial Mounds of North America [VIDEO]

Disclosure Nation Published on Feb 19, 2018 For more than a century now across the eastern portion of North America, burials of ancient people who possessed a very tall stature have been uncovered. Ages of the Giants utilizes actual archaeological reports and...
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1,200-year-old comb holds clues to Viking runes

CNN (CNN)A 1,200-year-old comb, discovered in Denmark, is shedding light on the mysterious birth and development of the Viking alphabet. When a team of Danish archaeologists first discovered the fragments of a comb in December, they thought nothing of it. Combs...
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Bleeding Giant of Monterosso [VIDEO]

AGE OF DISCLOSURE Published on Feb 12, 2018 Discovered by Jaymes Ollofson’s Bleeding Giant of Monterosso betrays fictional story of its manufactured past. The Giant of Monterosso was alive! Located in beautiful Cinque Terre, Italy in the picturesque Monterosso al...
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Ascension Glossary – Awakening Cathar Memories

Ascension Glossary STARSEED CLIENT SESSION TRANSCRIPT Themes: Polarity Integrator, Feminine embodiment Awakening Cathar Memories. Seed Fears of female crucifixion. Collective clearing over loading individual body. Healing: guilt, gender splitting, reptilian genetics,...

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Scientists reconstruct face of 9,000-year-old teenager

AOL Scientists have reconstructed the face of a 9,000-year-old teenager from remains found at Theopetra cave in central Greece. Her name is “Avgi,” or “Dawn” in English, since she lived at the dawn of civilization. A team of specialists led by...

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CollectiveEvolution EVIDENCE OF AN ALIEN OR LOST CIVILIZATION IN ANTARCTICA? ARJUN WALIA JANUARY 22, 2018 Are there aliens in Antarctica? Were there ever? The idea of aliens or a lost civilization having once inhabited, or still inhabiting, Antarctica has been talked...

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Most Revealing Tablets of the Anunnaki Sumerians [VIDEO]

Disclosure Nation Published on Jan 15, 2018 During the years 1996-2002, working as a telecommunications executive, Gerald’s business travels took him to various parts of the world exposing him to a plethora of cultures which acted as a...

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