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Definition: Astrology is the study of the motions and relative positions of the planets, sun, and moon.   Astrologers believe that the positions of each planet at the time of a person’s birth have a direct influence on that person’s character. These positions are thought to affect a person’s destiny, even if free will plays a larger role in any individual’s life.

What many probably don’t realize is how many uses are provided by astrology. There is electional (the best day to do something), mundane(the astrology of a place such as a town or city), horary (where a chart is created in response to a inquiry), astrocartography (each planet in your chart lines up with an area in the world), relocational (looking at how a place will influence you and your life), and medical astrology (considering your physical vulnerabilities) just to name the most common. Then you have the different systems of astrology such as Western, Chinese, Aztec, Vedic, and Sidereal.  

Since the beginning of time, man has looked to the heavens for answers, intuitively knowing that this is where we came from!  Our natal charts are a sort of snapshot of who we are and what our tendencies are throughout this incarnation. Although it is incredibly accurate, the best of astrologers know that there are ways to “adjust” your chart if you were born with too many negative aspects.  The key is that astrology provides a communication from a Greater Source through the Language of Light so that we don’t have to feel so lost in this dimension of choices, cycles, and tendencies.  By mastering astrology, you increase your awareness of how much the solar system effects us and how we truly are not separate from its cycles and movements.

SerialBrain2 -Trump the Greenpeace paraglider & mysterious death of the Secret Service Agent Remagen [VIDEO]

WarDrummer SerialBrain2 -Trump the Greenpeace paraglider & mysterious death of the Secret Service Agent Remagen Aug 10, 2018 Support this channel. Protect your data. Serial Brain: To access all Serialbrain2's...

Full Moon August 2018 ~ Mopping Up by Darkstar Astrology

Darkstar Astrology Published on Aug 13, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 6.8K The Full Moon on August 26 falls at 3º Pisces. After the astrology part (13 mins) I talk about mental disorders according to the DSM-5, Is it ADHD or Narcissism?, ADHD and sudden Uranian...

Pisces Full Moon August 26th / 27th 2018 – Romance and Beauty [VIDEO]

Barbara Goldsmith Published on Aug 13, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 130K Pisces Full Moon August 26th / 27th The Full Moon in Pisces on August 26th is at 3 degrees and 12 minutes. With a glorious Grand Trine in Earth signs, this is the perfect time for healing...


Mahala Astrology I am writing this article at the time of the Solar Eclipse on August 11, 2018. The major event connected with this eclipse is the fact that the sun and moon are both on 18 degrees Leo. This is the degree of Christ Consciousness. This...

Intuitive Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse August 2018

ForeverConscious Intuitive Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse August 2018 by Tanaaz The August 11th Partial Solar Eclipse falls in the sign of Leo and is going to bring closure to the Eclipse season of 2018. The recent Eclipse cycle has been longer...

Intuitive Astrology Forecast August 2018

ForeverConscious Intuitive Astrology Forecast August 2018 by Tanaaz The energy of August 2018 is very similar to July with more retrogrades and eclipses, however by the end of the month we are going to find ourselves inspired and ready to begin a new...

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Mélne Portia Lafont: Blood Moon Eclipse

MelinaLafont Blood Moon Eclipse 2017, 2018 July 26, 2018 | Mélne Portia Lafont A Bloody Mary type of version.... A lot of real deals and strong deals are served to us during this passage and it is quite intense. Remember the last partial Solar Eclipse...

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Solar Eclipse In Cancer: Addressing Our Shadows

CollectiveEvolution Solar Eclipse In Cancer: Addressing Our Shadows July 12, 2018 By Carmen Di Luccio We are having a partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th/13th. It is a supercharged New Moon that not only influences this month, but also the...

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