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Definition: Biology comes from the Greek words “bios” (life) and “logos” (word).  This science of life addresses the structural characteristics, behavioral functions, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy of an organism. By studying the basic unit of life such as the cell, we can determine the core motivation behind our existence and see it as a microcosm of our bodies.

One of the most spectacular discoveries that has come to light is that we are not solely predetermined by our genetics, having little say in what our biological traits may deal us.  It has been found that the complexity and function of an organism is performed by the cell membrane, not the nucleus of the cell. In fact, it is the interaction between the cell membrane and its environment that determines how the membrane will communicate with its nucleus.  There is apparently evidence to suggest that the amount of cell receptors located on the cell membrane determines the intelligence and awareness of an organism.

Instead of the Darwinian natural selection theory explaining the mutation of cells as being somehow random or the survival of the fittest, it is now being presented that the cell mutates in response to a stressor as long as it lasts or until it adapts to its new environment so the stressor is no longer a trigger.  This reveals that rather than a random process of evolution, there is an innate intelligence process at hand.  Most outstandingly, all of this poses that man is designed to live in community with his environment instead of in competition with his surroundings.

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