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Why are so many quick to categorize conspiracy as theory?  There is nothing more irritating then being labeled as a conspiracy theorist when you present a secret governmental plot to those who only listen to or read the government controlled “news.” 

Why is it that we are so quick to believe in the gossip or slander of another, yet when it comes to the well documented atrocities that our government has committed, we assume they are an exaggeration or a theory? Personally, I think it is uncomfortable for most of us to take accountability that we allowed this dark governmental “force” to dominate every sector of our society.  Let’s face it!  We make up the bottom of the pyramid, they rule only the very tip-top!  Deep down inside we must be pondering  just how this could have happened.  Have we been ignoring all the signs of sabotage?  Are we waking from our slumber?

With this new age, we are beginning to see that conspiracy has occurred ubiquitously.  What we must never forget now is who allowed it and how it got its role in society. While we were all busy getting educated, married, having children, and attempting to earn enough money to seek out the ultimate dream house, our government was busy setting up one of the most elaborate networks of deception and control, based not on the fact that they love us so very much, but based on the fact that there have been too many of us to control.  Look at the definition of conspiracy:

  1. a planning and acting together secretly, esp. for an unlawful or harmful purpose, such as murder or treason
  2. the plan agreed on; plot
  3. the group taking part in such a plan
  4. a combining or working together

So isn’t it perfectly normal to see that conspiracy is an everyday word for the goings-on in government?  Our congress performs its services based on reciprocity, a mutual exchange of policies or dealings between officials or countries that correspond to advantages or privileges granted by each country to the citizens of the other.  So in other words,  in order to run this country, someone is always constructing a deal with someone else to get what they want, right?  But at whose expense?  And what safety nets do we really have to prevent abuse when the agencies that police this activity are all part of the reciprocity game?

I have compiled some amazing sites that cover so many areas of the secret government and conspiracy.  When I started reviewing all of the collected links and did additional research, I was blown away how many more sites are available to cover this very topic.  It is almost as if it was an overnight occurrence, especially due to the energetic infiltration of this planet as of late.  You will find so many various topics to peruse and never get bored!

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