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I believe education is by far one of the most important topics on our planet. Whether it is learning how to make a garden or how to build a bridge, educating ourselves gives us direction, purpose, and depth. It allows us to experience the world through our own unique perspective, and thus bring a gift to humanity with what we have learned. The key is to review who is educating us and what agenda, if any, exists through that education.

Firmly, I stand with the approach that we must allow everyone to contribute what they think, have or know, for we can attain a glimmer of realization just through one unexpected comment.  So in reading through the various websites, retain what you want, and leave the rest.  Everyone has something to offer. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find it.

You will find the websites below covering an array of topics and most have libraries or courses that they offer.  Enjoy the journey of expanding your perspective as you realign your thought patterns with new information!

Albert Einstein

Alex Collier – Truth Control

Alfonso De Rose

Alice Bailey

Alter Net

Ancient X

Anti War

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Barbara Marciniak – The Pleiadians

Barbara Marx Hubbard – Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Before its News

Black Listed News

Brother Veritus

Bruce Lipton

Carl Johan Calleman – The Mayan Calendar

Conspiracy Archive

Cosmic Awareness Communications


Daily Censored

Dannion Brinkley

Darryl Anka and Bashar

David Gibson – Sound & Consciousness Institute

David Icke

David Wilcock – Divine Cosmos

Dolores Cannon

Democracy Now

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell – Giza Death Star

Dr. Susan Shumsky – Divine Revelation

Drunvalo Melchizedek – School of Remembering

eClinik Learning

Ed Dames

Edgar Cayce

Einstein Papers Project


End the Lie

Ene News

Enviro Blog


Foundation for the Law of Time

Freedom Reigns


Gary A David – The Orion Zone

George Noory

Georgi Stankov

Giorgio Tsoukalos – Legendary Times

Global Research

Godlike Productions

Golden Age of Gaia

Graham Hancock

Gregg Braden


Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Henrik Palmgren

Indy Media

Inelia Benz – Ascension 101

International World History Project

James Gilliland – ECETI

James Tyberonn and Metatron

Janet and Stewart Swerdlow – Expansions

Jeff Rense

Jerry E. Smith

Jim Self – Mastering Alchemy

Jim Willie – Golden Jackass

John Major Jenkins – Alignment 2012

John Smallman and Saul

Joseph Mason

Joseph Matheny

JZ Knight and Ramtha

Karen Doonan – Crystalline Sanctuary

Labyrinth of the Psychonaut

Lawful Rebellion

Learning Herbs

Lilou Mace’

Linda Moulton Howe – Earth Files

Lisa Harrison

Lisa Williams

Mark Huber – Welcome The Light

Mark Kimmel – Cosmic Paradigm

Marlene Swetlishoff – The Rainbow Scribe

Messages from Archangel Gabriel

Michael Sharp

Michael Tsarion

Monga Bay

Nassim Haramein – The Resonance Project

Natural News

Neil Kramer


Nexus magazine

Nikola Tesla

Occult of Personality

Pane Andov

Patricia Cota Robles – Era of Peace

Prison Planet

Project Camelot

Reality Sandwich

Red Ice Creations

Richard Hoagland – Enterprise Mission

RINF Truth Vision

Robert H. Knapp MD – Healing Haven under Hilarion

Science Documentaries

Serpo Project

Spirit of Ma’at

Stephen Bassett – Paradigm Research Group

Steve Quayle

The Academy for Future Science

The Corbett Report

The crow House

The Extinction Protocol

The Healers Journal

The Illuminatus Observor

The Montague Keen Foundation

The People’s United Community

The Real News

The Secret History of Extraterrestrials

The Toltec Legacy

The Universe – Solved

Tragedy and Hope

True World History

Truth Out

Truth stream

Waking Times

Wayne Herschel – The Hidden Records

William Henry


Want to Know

World Bank Pledges $2.5 Billion for Teenage Girls’ Education

Yes Magazine

Zecharia Sitchin