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Definition: Geology is the science that addresses the dynamics and physical history of the earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the physical, chemical, and biological changes that the earth has undergone or is undergoing currently.  Supposedly geologists have been very challenged to nail down the exact beginnings of Mother Earth.  In 1974, it was believed that our planet was  at least 3.2 million years old when the bones of a hominid were resurrected in Hadar, Ethiopia.  But then in 1994, another hominid was found dating back 4.4-million years.  In 1997, the same was true but this species had lived 5 to 6 million years ago and then again another in 2000, a hominid dating back at least 6 million years.

The point is we learn of ourselves through the artifacts that remain.  We can catch a glimpse of what was and what we were, as well as how far we have come through the evolutionary changes we experienced as a species. Geology gives fascinating insight into the history of the Earth through plate tectonics and past climates. Today geology is commercially important  for evaluating water resources, predicting and understanding natural hazards, remedying environmental problems, and providing insights into past climate change.

More and more recent discoveries are causing us to review our past and rewrite that which we’ve held sacred as our enduring history.

Big Quakes are Surging, StarWater | S0 News Aug.18.2018 [VIDEO]

Suspicious0bservers Published on Aug 18, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 334K Daily Sun, Earth and Space Science Conference Registration:

Chevron Must Pay for Environmental Damage in Ecuador, Court Rules

Truthout Pablo Fajardo, lawyer for the victims of environmental damage caused during Texaco's oil operations in the Ecuadoran Amazon (1964 to 1990), acquired by Chevron in 2001, celebrates with his clients, during a press conference in Quito, on July...


GaryLite LEY LINES – THE KEY TO UNLOCKING THE MATRIX Sep 9, 2017 Written by Magdaline Website: Narrated and Created By: Gary Lite Yet again we come across another mysterious force of nature known as the electro magnetic...

How ‘Gods’ Created Mankind, According to The Popol Vuh, The Sacred Book of the Maya

AncientCode How ‘Gods’ Created Mankind, According to The Popol Vuh, The Sacred Book of the Maya By Ivan The Popol Vuh which is translated as the Book of the community or Book of advice is an ancient work of literature, a collection of mythical,...

Angkor—The Ancient Mega-City ‘Covered’ In Thousands of Ancient Temples

AncientCode 30 Facts About Angkor—The Ancient Mega-City ‘Covered’ In Thousands of Ancient Temples Angkor, the lost city of the ancient kingdom of Cambodia The first actual reports in Europe of today’s famous Angkor Wat temples dates back to 1601 when...

Use Vinegar To Kill Weeds Naturally And Give Monsanto’s Roundup The Heave Ho

JBBardot Use Vinegar To Kill Weeds Naturally And Give Monsanto’s Roundup The Heave Ho Posted by JB Bardot There’s been lots written recently about the toxicity of Monsanto’s poster child product Roundup, exposing how harmful it is for the earth and...

It’s All Over For Monsanto [VIDEO]

WeAreChange Published on Aug 11, 2018 JOIN SUBSCRIBED 526K In this video, Jason Bermas of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the landmark decision by a jury to find that Monsanto's Roundup weed killer and glyphosate, in particular,...

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Big Quake ROCKS Arctic Circle [VIDEO]

MrMBB333 Published on Aug 12, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 231K August 12, 2018: ~Earthquake~ | Big Quake inside Arctic Circle. 🌍 If you like my research and my daily dedication to all my loyal subscribers, and would like to show...

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ForbiddenKnowledgeStrangeButTrueStories THE MOUNT ST. HELENS BIGFOOT COVER-UP August 5, 2018 This is the incredible story from separate eyewitnesses of an apparent rescue operation of multiple sasquatches from their lairs on and around Washington...

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Unknown mineral discovered inside meteorite

SOTT Unknown mineral discovered inside meteorite Andrew LaSane Outer Places Mon, 06 Aug 2018 A new mineral has been discovered in a meteorite in Eastern Russia, and scientists are sure that it is never been found on our planet before. Named "uakitite"...

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Mexico’s New President Will Ban Fracking

NaturalBlaze Mexico’s New President Will Ban Fracking POSTED ON AUGUST 3, 2018 By Heather Callaghan, Editor Mexico’s newly elected President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will step into office on December 1. His first order of business as the leader...

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