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Chakra energyDefinition: to restore to health or soundness, to cure, to set right; repair, to restore (a person) to spiritual wholeness, to become whole.  In a world where you are prompted to pop a pill for anything from acne to heartburn to erectile dysfunction, there is no wonder why healing has become one of the hottest topics in our society today.

The alternative healing arts is experiencing record growth and student enrolment in this century. There is a pressing need to find a better way to get well other than taking pharmaceuticals and thus suppressing symptoms.  Many are truly recognizing that we are a Spirit with a body, not the other way around, and because of this, there is a realization that complete healing involves a more comprehensive approach.  

With the expansion of holistic health, we are now beginning to access our bodies in an integrative way, acknowledging that mind, emotions, and frequency are key components to the physical body acquiring true healing. More emphasis is placed on crucial body systems such as the meridians, chakras, grids, multiple energetic fields and aura, and genetic imprinting of DNA, which because they are unseen are dismissed by the western medical system.

After such a severe car accident, I would not be where I am today if I had not traveled the alternative route  for assistance and answers.  Through light, sound, crystals, and various types of frequencies, one can eliminate pain, uncover hidden obstacles, and transform age old issues of pain and suffering.  It is non-invasive, inclusive, and a profound manner of approaching the body.  You even typically look forward to your healing sessions since your are recovering a piece of yourself in the process.  

We must learn to take control of our own bodies again, and empower ourselves with an understanding of how the body responds to trauma and discordant energies or frequencies. This is where the big mystery of why something happens to us eventually turns into a completely explicable how and what.  The body is brilliant and practical and if we learn its language, we can remove the inexplicable diseases that have cropped up amongst humanity.

Each of these authors or websites has some glimpse of information to provide a key to your eternal health.

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2012 Indy Info

Aisha North

Alice Bailey

Anthony Peake

Ascension Earth 2012

Ashtar Command

Barbara Hand Clow

Barbara Marx Hubbard – Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Blossom Goodchild

Brad Johnson – Conscious Matrix

Brother Veritus

Bruce Lipton

Bryan de Flores – LightQuest International

Cancer Salves

Celestial Vision

Celia Fenn – Starchild Global

Compte de Saint Germain

Cosmic Awareness Communications

Dannion Brinkley

Darryl Anka – Bashar

David Childerley – EFT

David Icke

Dolores Cannon

Dr. Amit Goswami – Center for Quantum Activism

Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Dr. Susan Shumsky – Divine Revelation

Drunvalo Melchizedek – The Spirit of Ma’at

Edgar Cayce

Einstein Papers Project

Eric Pearl – The Reconnection

Fran Zepeda – A Healing Place

George Noory – Coast to Coast AM

Georgi Stankov

Golden Age of Gaia

Graham Hancock

Gregg Braden

Helena Petrova Blavatsky

Inelia Benz – Ascension 101

Jelaila Starr – The Nibiruan Council

Jennifer Hoffman – Enlightening Life

Jim Self – Mastering Alchemy

John Smallman and Saul

JZ Knight and Ramtha

Kaitlyn Keyt – Vibes Up

Laura Tyco – GAH

Learning Herbs


Lilou Mace’

Linda Backman – Bringing your Soul to Light

Lisa Williams

Lyssa Royal Holt – Royal Priest Research

Marilyn Raffaele – Oneness of All

Marlene Swetlishoff – The Rainbow Scribe

Masaru Emoto

Max Gerson

Michael Quinsey and SaLuSa

Michael Sharp

Neil Kramer – Philosophy of Being

Nick Delgado

Patricia Cota Robles – Era of Peace

Peter Canova

Rene Caisse

Robert H. Mapp MD – Healing Haven Under Hilarion

Ron Amitron – Creation Lightship

Ronna Herman and Archangel Michael

Shanta Gabriel – Messages from Archangel Gabriel

Shelley Young – Trinity Esoterics

Sound and Consciousness Institute

Steve Rother and The Group

Susan Leland – Ashtar on the Road

Suzan Caroll

Suzanne Ward and Matthew – The Matthew Books

Sylvia Browne

The Academy for Future Science

The Galactic Free Press

The Healers Journal

The Montague Keen Foundation

The Resonance Project

The Toltec Legacy

Tobias Lars Jonsson – Sedona Soul Counseling

Towards Emancipation

Tree of the Golden Light

Ute Posegga Rudel – Messsages from the Realms of Light

Vickie Gay 

Wanderer of the Skies

Wes Annac – Aquarius Paradigm