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Chakra energyDefinition: to restore to health or soundness, to cure, to set right; repair, to restore (a person) to spiritual wholeness, to become whole.  In a world where you are prompted to pop a pill for anything from acne to heartburn to erectile dysfunction, there is no wonder why healing has become one of the hottest topics in our society today.

The alternative healing arts is experiencing record growth and student enrolment in this century. There is a pressing need to find a better way to get well other than taking pharmaceuticals and thus suppressing symptoms.  Many are truly recognizing that we are a Spirit with a body, not the other way around, and because of this, there is a realization that complete healing involves a more comprehensive approach.  

With the expansion of holistic health, we are now beginning to access our bodies in an integrative way, acknowledging that mind, emotions, and frequency are key components to the physical body acquiring true healing. More emphasis is placed on crucial body systems such as the meridians, chakras, grids, multiple energetic fields and aura, and genetic imprinting of DNA, which because they are unseen are dismissed by the western medical system.

After such a severe car accident, I would not be where I am today if I had not traveled the alternative route  for assistance and answers.  Through light, sound, crystals, and various types of frequencies, one can eliminate pain, uncover hidden obstacles, and transform age old issues of pain and suffering.  It is non-invasive, inclusive, and a profound manner of approaching the body.  You even typically look forward to your healing sessions since your are recovering a piece of yourself in the process.  

We must learn to take control of our own bodies again, and empower ourselves with an understanding of how the body responds to trauma and discordant energies or frequencies. This is where the big mystery of why something happens to us eventually turns into a completely explicable how and what.  The body is brilliant and practical and if we learn its language, we can remove the inexplicable diseases that have cropped up amongst humanity.

Lifting the Vibration of Our Spirit: Unleashing the Heart Power of Collective Consciousness

Heart Math Lifting the Vibration of Our Spirit: Unleashing the Heart Power of Collective Consciousness You are invited to attend the 7th Annual HeartMath and Global Coherence Event Lifting the Vibration of Our Spirit: Unleashing the Heart Power of...

Scientists Just Made Human Egg Cells from Human Blood for the First Time

Vice Image: Science Scientists in Japan have used human blood to successfully create immature human egg cells in a lab for the first time, according to new research published Thursday in Science. The work is a major breakthrough in stem cell research...

The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

Green Med Info Fluoride is found everywhere today, from antibiotics to drinking water, no stick pans to toothpaste, making exposure inevitable. All the more reason why research proving this common spice can prevent fluoride damage is so promising......

Purdue Pharma facing lawsuits over growing ‘opioid epidemic’ [VIDEO]

RT Published on Sep 24, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 3M The U.S. battle against the 'opioid epidemic' is shifting up a gear, with the pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma facing lawsuits from various U.S. states. RT LIVE


Giza Death Star Ms. C.M. found this unusual story, and I thought I'd pass it along with some additional observations. It seems that Chinese medical scientists have been experimenting with High Frequency Ultrasound as a treatment against cancer:...

FDA And CDC Issue Separate Warnings For Pet Owners Including Bacteria Resistance

Natural Blaze By Aaron Kesel  Listen to Article The FDA has announced that some flea and tick medications can cause adverse reactions in dogs and cats, issuing warnings to pet owners and vets. Meanwhile, the CDC has announced that people are getting...

Carbon 60 – SOLD OUT [VIDEO]

KElmer Carbon 60 - SOLD OUT Sep 16, 2018 Raw C60 is SOLD OUT across the US & Canada! What’s going on and where can you buy some? US & CANADA MTR Red Lion Bucky Labs...

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WakingTimes INITIATION INTO A LIVING PLANET September 18, 2018 Charles Eisenstein, Guest Waking Times Most people have passed through some kind of initiation in life. By that, I mean a crisis that defies what you knew and what you were. From the...

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Have You Realized The Profundity Of Our True Nature?

CollectiveEvolution Have You Realized The Profundity Of Our True Nature? IN BRIEF The Facts:In life, we typically move about, seeing all material for what we define it as. This makes things convenient in a way, but there is a profoundness to not only...

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