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Health and Well-Being

Healthy lifestyle conceptSome people refer to our health care system as practicing “resurrection medicine”, where so many of the patients today are arriving at hospitals in alarming numbers at death’s door. What we should be doing is providing and teaching “preventative medicine”, where there is less dependency outside ourselves to maintain health and well-being.  

The first step is to realize that you know your body better than anyone else! Secondly, when you fully comprehend the body’s intellect and innate ability to heal itself, then you can let go of the fear of wondering “what if I get a horrible disease?”  Thirdly, when you learn the direct and incontrovertible connection between your thoughts and health, you are one step closer to attaining freedom of disease.  Lastly, knowledge is power and most thoughts and fears about disease stem from ignorance.

With the advent of the computer and an ever-increasing amount of data from which to tap into, there really is no reason to remain in the dark about most of today’s major health issues. With countless doctors, nurses, and whistleblowers from our western medical system breaking their silence and delivering truths about the system’s procedures and agendas, there really is nothing to prevent you anymore from educating yourself and attaining confidence in regaining and maintaining your health.  

This along with making sound decisions in choosing organic foods, drinking pure water, performing some sort of exercise, as well as taking time out to decompress from stress, are further necessities for attaining well-being.  What we must remember to do is treat our bodies with respect and love, knowing that the anatomy is designed to survive and protect us from foreign invaders. The body is not our enemy just because it develops tumors or cancer.  On the contrary, the body attempts to communicate through these consequences and symptoms, taking us on a soul-searching journey for solutions. And of course, once we are educated in why our body does what it does, then we can knowingly respond with rapidity and ease.

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