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Definition: A usually chronological record of events, of the life or development of a people or institution, often including an explanation of or commentary on those events; the branch of knowledge that records and analyzes past events.

One point we must consider is that history or “his story” is an interpretation of humanity’s evolution by whoever writes it, in this particular case it would be a male.  Depending on who is in power or what their agenda is, often determines what is included or excluded from written historical details.  Egos and greed play a massive role in misreporting factual events from now to years gone by.

With that said, it is our greatest responsibility to seek out the truth beyond what we have been taught in our schools and universities, for most of what we have been taught was formulated and established by the powers who have dominated this planet for over a millennium.  A serious thrust of rewriting history ensued in the 1920’s, but this has always been the case at a time of upheaval or after massive bloodshed.  One country’s conquest is equivalent to another country’s disappearance in historical records, even if it were not seen as a victory.  

So, I have become an avid reader of diverse historical perspectives, especially those of ancient history, never discounting anyone’s viewpoint.  As Mark Twain stated, “the very ink with which all history is written is merely fluid prejudice”.  I firmly believe that most of our history has been rewritten to prevent the slaves from knowing who they really are and the masters from being exposed for what they have been doing to the slaves all along.  It is our responsibility to seek answers about our past so we can function without amnesia.  By learning history we are able to understand the true nature of those in power and not see things as just happenstance.  And with this awareness, we gain empowerment and freedom.

Second sphinx discovered in Luxor

Egypt Independent While working on al-Kabbash road in Luxor, construction workers have discovered a mysterious statue with a lion’s body and a human’s head – believed to be a second sphinx. The workers were developing a road between the Luxor and...

Religion, Conflict and Earth’s Evolution

TheEventChronicle Religion, Conflict and Earth’s Evolution By EDITOR August 16, 2018 By Sean McCleary I’m an author and a writer and I’ve got a book coming out about the shift in consciousness very soon. My focus is on the Paradigm Shift which means a...

How ‘Gods’ Created Mankind, According to The Popol Vuh, The Sacred Book of the Maya

AncientCode How ‘Gods’ Created Mankind, According to The Popol Vuh, The Sacred Book of the Maya By Ivan The Popol Vuh which is translated as the Book of the community or Book of advice is an ancient work of literature, a collection of mythical,...

Angkor—The Ancient Mega-City ‘Covered’ In Thousands of Ancient Temples

AncientCode 30 Facts About Angkor—The Ancient Mega-City ‘Covered’ In Thousands of Ancient Temples Angkor, the lost city of the ancient kingdom of Cambodia The first actual reports in Europe of today’s famous Angkor Wat temples dates back to 1601 when...

The Dogon: An Ancient Egyptian Tribe – The Best Documentary Ever [VIDEO]

MaiyaMertz The Dogon: An Ancient Egyptian Tribe - The Best Documentary Ever Nov 15, 2017 Follow along with Laird Scranton as he talks about his book The Science of the Dogon. This interview touches on mysterious astronomical knowledge that the ....

Mystery of Egypt: Nbata Playa, One of the First Civilizations

TheEventChronicleTheLostHistoryChannelTKTC Mystery of Egypt: Nbata Playa, One of the First Civilizations By EDITOR August 15, 2018 The Nabta Playa basin has been occupied by humans since around the 10th Millenium BC, There is evidence of cattle...


OmTimes THE SEVEN ESSENE MIRRORS BY OMTIMES MAGAZINE July 27, 2018 The Essenes developed a means of defining human relationships which are called the Seven Essene Mirrors. The Seven Essene Mirrors – An Overview of Gregg Braden Work The Essenes...

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Ancient Aliens: Underground Aliens

AncientCode S02 E04 Ancient Aliens: Underground Aliens By Ivan A temple of the dead in the Yucatán… an underground city in Turkey, and a South American cave said to contain a treasure from beyond the stars. For centuries, people have told tales of...

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Why Mermaids Were Probably Real

Collective Evolution The Facts:Mermaids have been written about by several cultures across multiple time periods, from Babylon till now. There have even been claims of recent sightings. With all of the lore that exists, it's not hard to imagine these...

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