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Definition: Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, fact and value. A priori speculation upon questions that are unanswerable to scientific observation, analysis, or experiment.  Basically, the study of metaphysics is an attempt to understand reality, make sense out of our relationship with this world and a Higher Power or Infinite Being.

Today there is an incessant stream of unprecedented activity within our world and solar system, including massive solar flares, planetary convergences, never before seen cosmic anomalies, and UFO activity.  Because of this increase in light particles bombarding the planet, people all across the world are actively taking inventory of their lives. Pondering the true meaning of life beyond what we have been conditioned to think has become more commonplace; a high paying job, a nice home, 2 status quo cars and toys to entertain us is just not enough anymore.  Far more thought-provoking questions are surfacing such as what is my purpose here? who or what is God anyway? am I being uplifted by this matrix we live in? who am I really? why do I have the family I have? what happens to my soul when I die?  is there really a heaven?

These contemplations are such an enriching experience, that once you begin this internal search, you typically never go back. Life becomes a more enchanting and magical concept!  The quest alone for the “holy grail” magnetizes information and answers to you at a record rate.  Ultimately, the information delivered ends up reminding you that you already had the Divine Intelligence and answers you were seeking to begin with.  This realization then allows you to recognize how special and powerful of a person you truly are.

Energetic Synthesis – 12 D Shield Building Technique [VIDEO]

EnergeticSynthesis Published on May 23, 2011 SUBSCRIBE 9.8KSubscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe So our core support practice is you wake up in the morning and your first step is to make a daily declaration of your intention to resolve the authority problem between the...
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The Best Crop Circles From The last 5 Years to Get You Excited About The 2018 Season [VIDEO]

ModernGalaxy Published on Feb 18, 2018 With The Crop Circle Season quickly Approaching, Take a Look Back At The Best Ones From The Last 5 Years. We have seen some of the best Crop Circle formation ever in the last few years. Image Use Permitted...
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The Mystery Schools – Pythagoras (c. 590–c.520 b.c.e.)

Unexplained Stuff Pythagoras, one of the greatest philosophers and mathematicians of the sixth century B.C.E., is reported to have been the first of the Greeks to teach the doctrine that the soul, passing through the “great circle of necessity,” was...
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PatriciaCotaRobles Published on Feb 17,…
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Lisa Renee – Bio-Spiritual Harvesting

Energetic Synthesis February 2018 Bio-Spiritual Harvesting Lisa Renee Dear Ascending Family, As we pull back the curtain we are examining a few ways that the NAA hide the practice of soul and energy harvesting in plain sight.  The manipulation of...
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Eric Raines – Protection/extraction protocol prep [VIDEO]

Eric Pilgrim Published on Feb 7, 2016 You can book a session for parasite removal with me directly through this website, under the sessions tab EFT tapping, lymphatic drainage, Qigong, and conscious breathing to prep yourself for...
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February 2018 Promotion

NEW FEBRUARY PROMOTION February is the month of purification, release and transformation. On our journey to ascension we are all being called to do our work of clearing ourselves all the time, releasing old and unnecessary baggage, ideas and ideals, programs,...

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Protected: LAST DAY! Special 2-Week Promotion

January 31st to February 14th A SPECIAL PROMOTION TO HELP YOU WORK WITH THE ENERGIES OF THIS PERIOD. The January 31 Blue Moon in Leo is all about the mother, feminine energies, nourishment and nurturing – of self and of others. It’s full of emotional...

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Lisa Renee – Astral Screen

Energetic Synthesis In the current struggle between the opposing forces in the earth, the massive forces of chaos that link into the Behemoth and Leviathan planetary archetypes are raging for control in the lower time fields, where the AI time loop exists. The...

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How To Unleash Humanity – Eric Raines [VIDEO]

Freeman Fly Published on Feb 13, 2018 Tip your host Be The Employer After a Dark Night of the Soul culminating in 2012, then an intense energetic activation in 2013, Eric Raines became aware of the...

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Duality and StarBeings [VIDEO]

underworldclassroom Published on Feb 12, 2018 for crystals, please visit use coupon code UNDERWORLD and get a FREE CRYSTAL with purchase...

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3rd Dimensional Binding Ropes That Keep Us From Reaching 5D

In5D by Angel V. Ornedo Jr., Guest writer, Controls, duality and separation are fully understood by people who are slowly awakening, but those whose consciousness are bound by enjoyment and trials of the affairs of the third dimension, 3D, keeps them stuck,...

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SHAMEFUL – Deporting Native American Veterans [VIDEO]

Sarah Westall Published on Feb 11, 2018 Public Release of Patreon Exclusive Content Lina Gilliland explains the shameful historical practice of deporting Native American Veterans returning from war. Many were not allowed back into the country to see family and friends...

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Lisa Renee – Confusion Principle

Energetic Synthesis Psychological manipulation through means of propaganda and information warfare was once limited within the scope of the Controller Pillars of Society, via countries, states, militaries, and intelligence agencies. Today, even everyday people have...

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Tom Campbell: Two Different Views of Virtual Reality [VIDEO]

Thanks Laura! Tom Campbell Published on Feb 5, 2018 Many now think we are living in a virtual reality. Tom Campbell states that “If we are living in a virtual reality, then our consciousness must exist in some other reality.” It would seem that many, even those who...

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