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This is an auspicious year, surrounded by ancient prophecies and predictions ad nauseum.  I firmly believe that everything points to an incredibly exciting year, not the doom and gloom that many would have you believe.  For example, the bible references 7 seals, trumpets, and vials involving “the end times.”  Nostradamus predicts that the first seal in the bible is the birth of the 3rd Anti-Christ (which is to come from Iran wearing a blue turban).  The Vatican has their own prophecy through Saint Malechy, a 12th century bishop who predicted the name, Petrus Romanus, as the last pope before the world would end.  The current Pope Benedict XVI is his predecessor, one of the oldest popes to hold office and is said to be in poor health. And Edgar Casey stated that Atlantis is suppose to return, basing it on the projected submerging of this continent 25,000 years ago. 

So clearly we are living in a historic time and have reached the crossroads for incredible change, where all the old beliefs and patterns will be forced to fall away.  But this is necessary when our planet’s government, military, legal system, health care system, educational system, etc. are rotten at the core (speaking of the dark cabal).  Don’t forget that many messages are continually coming to us that through our intentions, prayers, and increase in consciousness, we have assured success in avoiding the dire speculations of cataclysm because of this light work.  

There is also much evidence to prove that an Unseen Force is jamming guns on battlefields and that the war between Israel and Iran has been prevented over 40 plus times.  Reports of stored combat aircraft by the military and Area 51 have just disappeared, and underground bases are eerily abandoned and empty.  This along with the recently reported record numbers resignations and mass arrests in the financial world demonstrates that the Light is truly gaining ground!

It is so important that each and every Light Worker, Star Seed, and Galactic Member of Light maintain the space for all darkness to leave the planet.  With our combined vision we will create the heaven on earth that we all desire.  We must believe we can and therefore, we will.


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