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spiritualityDefinition: Spirituality refers to an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being; the deepest values and meanings by which a person lives; or the connectedness with a larger reality yielding a more comprehensive self.  Spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, and contemplation, are intended to   develop an individual’s inner life with humanity, nature, the cosmos, or the divine realm. 

Each and every one of us have an aspect of ourselves that is invisible but still very real.  It is the Spirit or Soul within us that incessantly yearns for a connection, wanting to become the dominant force in our daily lives.  As we walk through life and yield to our deepest feelings, hunches, and memories, we often begin to experience conflict with what we have been taught since birth.  The confusion and possible turmoil from this experience is one of the biggest activators for us to rediscover ourselves. It motivates us to unplug from any belief systems that have been passed down or imprinted upon us, so we can redevelop our own truths and live in harmony with our Higher Selves.

Typically traumatic events can bring this about such as the loss of a loved one, a car accident, or serious illness.  When we can experience these challenging events in our life through a more spiritual lens, our pain is lessened and our life becomes far more fulfilling.  Life begins to make sense and w received answers that solidly provide us direction and solace.


Quantum Surfing the matrix, cyber space and the fifth dimension

Awakening 5D Healing On 21st century planet Earth most of us operate in several perceived realities simultaneously. Our physical world, our emotional, inner world, and the cyber world. This trinity of parallel realities, of perceived existences, give us a...
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Vedic Meditation: An Ancient Spiritual Practice with Modern-day Benefits with Dr Jill Wener [VIDEO]

Theosophical Society Last streamed live 13 hours ago Vedic meditation is an effortless meditation technique that originates in an Indian body of knowledge called the Vedas. This body of knowledge, which pre-dates all religion, is also the source of Ayurveda and...
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Gary Lite Published on Sep 12, 2017 Written by Magdaline Website: Narrated and Created By: Gary Lite Yet again we come across another mysterious force of nature known as the electro magnetic fields of the earth, Schumann Resonance...
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You are being distressed to leave the matrix for a reason

Sacral Panda The Bringers of the Dawn are in vigilant inventory of humans that have certain light advancement at their soul body union, and are monitoring and protecting those of worthy evolution.  The next two years are going to be very turbulent with strange...
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FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Sharron Rose : The Divine Feminine History : LIVE

FADE TO BLACK Radio Published on Sep 21, 2017 Sharron Rose is a true renaissance woman. She received her diploma from the Peabody Conservatory of Music, a B.A. in Theater from the University of Maryland and an M.A. in Education from George Washington University,...
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How to Heal Man Made Storms [VIDEO]

underworldclassroom Published on Sep 19, 2017 To purchase Vogel, Lemurian and other gems, visit Gerald Frank’s shops at the following links. MENTION UNDERWORLDCLASSROOM AND GET A FREE CRYSTAL WITH PURCHASE! Gerald Frank’s web site,...
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WakingTimes WHAT EXACTLY DO WE REALLY HAVE OWNERSHIP OF? September 21, 2017 RJ Spina, Contributor Waking Times With the horrific weather anomalies and natural disasters currently happening across the globe, it moved my attention towards all the challenges these Souls...

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What If There Is No ONE Truth?

LoveInActionNow What If There Is No ONE Truth? There is a reason I have used several pictures in this piece.  It is to represent the concept that There Is No One Truth.                                             I have come to this conclusion after doing some...

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A Blessing from the Arcturians–through Suzanne Lie

SuzanneLie A Blessing from the Arcturians–through Suzanne Lie 9-21-17 We the Arcturians, appreciate and bless the many humans, animals and plants in the lower United States and Mexico who have greatly suffered. We are sorry that dear Gaia needs to “shake her...

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SophiaLove CONCERNING PROPHECY On this day of the Equinox, and with all of the intensity seeming to build world-wide, (can you feel it?), this post includes links for 2 global meditations.  One today, hosted by Prepare for Change at the moment of the Equinox. Details...

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WakingTimes RE-ENCHANTING THE WORLD September 16, 2017 Kingsley L. Dennis, Contributor Waking Times When we look up into the night sky and see the sparkle of stars, we are awed and enchanted. There is grace, there is wonder, and there is the excitement of the unknown....

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Lisa Renee: Being the Spiritual Catalyst

EnergeticSynthesis Being the Spiritual Catalyst Dear Ascending Family, Once you become seasoned on the Ascension path, or as a Starseed person, one will start to recognize that you have the role of being a Spiritual Catalyst for others, whether you want to or not. A...

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Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed

GaiaPortal Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed. Subsequent Higher Energies are released, and accepted by Humanity. Fibres of intent strengthen. Maritimes complete the mission....

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September 23, 2017 & The Great Tribulation

CosmicConvergence September 23, 2017 & The Great Tribulation Final Week of Ordo Ab Chao on Steroids Cosmic Convergence Research Group Who has not witnessed the dramatic uptick in societal chaos and regional disruption throughout the USA since the “Great American...

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The Power Path – NEW MOON/EQUINOX UPDATE 9-19 & 9-22-17

The Power Path Dear Friends, New Moon is Tuesday, September 19 at 11:30 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). For many of you the new moon falls on September 20. Focus on what is new, what needs to be new and how you can support what is new. Sometimes the clarity comes...

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Halley’s Comet: Facts About the Most Famous Comet Halley’s Comet is arguably the most famous comet. It is a “periodic” comet and returns to Earth’s vicinity about every 75 years, making it possible for a human to see it twice in his or her lifetime. The last time it was here was in...

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The Oracle Report – Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Oracle Report Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Balsamic Moon Phase: release, transform Moon in Virgo Sun (after 2:26 pm ET/6:26 pm UT): 28 Virgo – “a bald-headed man who has seized power” True Alignments:  the power of timing, decision making,...

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