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Ufology and UFO’s

2011 was a banner year on the subject of UFOs. Each month delivered countless UFO stories for the world to digest.  Scores of photos and videos popped up everywhere, along with credible military officials testimony. Thousands of pages of previously classified documents were finally released, confirming that the military acknowledged the existence of UFO’s and extraterrestrials. 

In New Hampshire, an official state highway marker was actually erected to commemorate the most widely publicized UFO abduction story in history of Betty and Barney Hill.  In fact, The Hills’ story is undoubtedly the most famous of all UFO experiences because it was “the first widely-reported UFO abduction report in the United States,” especially since it was the first time  invasive physical examinations at the hands of short, “grey” aliens were reported.

Exhaustive efforts have been put forth by many grass root groups to promote UFO disclosure and therefore stifle the fear wrapped around other beings visiting our planet. In fact, petitions were sent to the White House asking the Obama administration to release all UFO information. At the same time, a theologians was quoted in a news articles as being “ready to share a pew with aliens,” and other men of the cloth have acknowledged without hesitation that “there are probably other intelligent beings created by God elsewhere in the Universe.”

The wide availability of video cameras and phone cams has permitted more people to catch a picture of UFO’s.  However, according to the Mutual UFO Network, there were 67 percent more reports of unidentified flying objects in 2011, as compared to 2008.  That is a huge increase, with an average of 500 sighting reports a month!

Ss get prepared for other beings to arrive and walk amongst us openly for that is the future I do believe!

Shane Fairweather and Alexandra Meadors Interview Transcription, January 24, 2017

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SecureTeamCollectiveEvolutionSecureTeam: Man BANNED For Asking NASA About Aliens During Q&A! 2/23/17 Published on Feb 23, 2017… Paul Hellyer:… Secureteam10 is your source...
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FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Anaiis Salles : Earth 2.0 [VIDEO]

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Tolec, May 25-31, 2017… “Star ki Tara l Aloha ke Akua Retreat Vacation” (on the Big Island)

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Big Red Orb seen ALL over ALASKA [VIDEO]

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