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Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – Prof. Tullio Simoncini / Trevor Eivers – 15th October 2017 [VIDEO]

OYMInternetRadio Published on Oct 16, 2017 Prof. Tullio Simoncini is an Oncologist, specialist in Diabetes and metabolism disorders and a philosopher doctor. He has written a book called “Cancer is a Fungus” and also has a website which is,...
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Earthquake Watch, Sugar and Cancer | S0 News Oct.16.2017 [VIDEO]

Suspicious0bservers  Published on Oct 16, 2017 2018 Conference Page:… Food: Weapon of Mass Destruction: Sugar and Cancer:… Powerful Electrons in...
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Simon Parkes Single Hour while Packing – October 15, 2017 [VIDEO]

studio9jam Published on Oct 15,…
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ProjectCamelot REMOTE VIEWING AREA 51 & TUNGUSKA : COURTNEY BROWN & DAZ SMITH October 12, 2017 : I interview Courtney Brown and Daz Smith about their recent remote viewing experiences with Area 51 & Tunguska… Lots of strange info coming forward...
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NorCAL Torch Fires; How the Firestorms Were Created [VIDEO]

APlaneTruth.InfoJimStone NorCAL Torch Fires; How the Firestorms Were Created Oct 11, 2017 Even the head of Cal Fire for the state said on CNN he had no idea what started the over 60 strikes that came out of nowhere in the middle of the night without warning....
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Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos Skips 5 Interviews, Goes Missing — And Now His Family Is Under Gag Order

MartyTVGatewayPundit Jesus Campos Disappears Before TV Interviews (Las Vegas Security Guard Goes Missing) Oct 13, 2017 The Las Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos Disappears Before Tv Interviews. Where is Jesus Campos, why did he go missing? and why did the Las...
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Alba Weinman – Message from Gaia [VIDEO]

AlbaWeinman 164 Alba Weinman – Message from Gaia Oct 11, 2017 In this Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness hypnosis session, the listeners will hear a message from Gaia (Mother Earth). Alba Weinman is a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist for those on the path...

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Andrew Martin – Merging Through Fluidity [VIDEO]

AndrewMartin Merging Through Fluidity Oct 12, 2017 Recorded from Facebook Live – This year has been MAJOR in terms of energy shifts and seeing the collapse of old stories and structures. I’m feeling like a new version of myself shows up pretty much every...

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Sophia Creation Story, Animation [VIDEO]

LilaSophiaTresemer Sophia Creation Story, Animation – for more detail Nov 8, 2015 Animation by; Music, Kamal Engels– Based on the Gnostic texts, with support from the research of John L Lash, and consultation with...

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