This is an unusual spring for many reasons.  Right now Mercury is retrograde, and so is Mars.  And on May 15, Venus will retrograde til June 28. 

Mars and Venus don’t retrograde every years, and this year they’re doing it in lockstep with Mercury.  And they’re sharing something else important:  ALL THREE PLANETS will make stations (the point at which, as in the image above, they stop and “turn around”) at 23 degrees mutable.  Mars started this at 23 Virgo.  Mercury opposes it at a 23 Pisces station.  Venus will fill in the 3rd corner of this retrograde collision at 23 Gemini.


What does this mean?  If you have planets at 23 degrees, things are hopping in your life.  If they’re at 23 mutable, they’re popping like popcorn, without letup!  Look at the houses and the rulerships of your planets to see where you’ve got action.


All this is a re-examination of our actions, values, thoughts, use of energy to get ready for the first of seven EXACT squares between Uranus and Pluto in June (during the Venus retrograde, suggesting that the clash will be over a RE-evaluation of our collective values).  The 60’s were defined by a Uranus-Pluto conjunction.  Powerful energy, but in a conjunction they’re working together for change.  A square isn’t so friendly.  These planets (Uranus:  freedom, individuality, the good of the whole, vs Pluto: the power of the plutocrats) will literally “square off,” ready for a collision of titans.  Yes, things will change, but it won’t be a sweet process.