The Hopi Masau’u
aka Sanat Kumara and the Peacock Angel

The principal Kachina and guide of the Hopis is Masau’u, the Lord and King of the Fourth World. It was Masau’u that directed the Hopis on their migrations throughout the Americas and then guided them to their present location in northern Arizona to settle and found communities. According to certain prophecies, the ancient presence of the principally Fourth Dimensional Masau’u (aka Sanat Kumara and the Peacock Angel) will become evident to many on December 21, 2012 and during the Fifth World.


Masau’u has a fascinating history

Hopi legend has it that Masau’u was the King of the Third World but then became overcome by his own ego and pride. He was subequently demoted and sent to the underworld to rule as the Lord of Death and Patron of the Fire Clan. He then became the Skeleton Kachina. Masau’u eventually redeemed himself and regained his old position at the beginning of the Fourth World, and he has since reigned as both Lord of the Upper and Lower Worlds.


The history of Masau’u reveals him to be synonymous with the world monarchs in other traditions worldwide. He is certainly synonymous with the peacock-riding Sanat Kumara of India and Tawsi Melek or  “Peacock Angel” of the Yezidis. He is also a form of King Melchizedek and Lord Enki of the Sumerians. Although his legend has been greatly distorted and denigrated in the West, Lucifer, the ancient monarch who similarly fell from pride, is also a manifestation of King Masau’u.


The Yezidis maintain that the King of the World was known throughout the globe in very ancient times, but once humanity disconnected from the Fourth Dimension his presence and influence on human affairs became unknown except to a very few. But once humans reactivate their psychic senses and re-enter the Fourth Dimension on December 21, 2012 and the days following (aka re-entering the Garden of Eden), many will be blessed with a vision of one of his ancient forms.


 Masau’u Resides in Palatkwapi

As one of the original Star People and Katchinas who built Palatkwapi, Masau’u’s presence will eternally reside within the “Red City” that Sedona sits upon. Thus, it will be possible to have a vision of Masau’u in one of his Fourth Dimensional forms in Sedona during and after the re-activation of Palatkwapi on December 21, 2012.