Dear Promise, ETL, Cobra and Galactic Connection, Light Worker Family,
Rob PotterFirst of all I want thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart. The outpouring of love and encouragement by so many of you has been so wonderful for me. I have been left speechless, humbled, honored and so very grateful.
I want to share you all a story of so much love and light that it will give you faith and confidence in the power of angels and the benevolent hand of almighty god.
Rest assured I am well aware this little tale of woe is nothing compared to the dark recesses of our world still enveloped in war, torture, death, abuse, wholesale destruction, murder and mayhem.
So many are innocent lives are faced with such unspeakable horror that it is painful for us to acknowledge. It is even more impossible for us with compassion to find a way to assuage the suffering, providing we had the will money and wherewithal to do so.
It is to those lighted beings who are truly suffering, for those working in deeper fields of pain than any of us can imagine, that this little tale is dedicated.
For me in my pathetic life struggle, to dare to complain is really an exercise in selfishness , self pity and could be called an abomination in itself. Still my angst was real for me and I felt the uncertainty of powerlessness and the possibility of incarceration against my will, all for an accident beyond my control!
Mine was a self-inflicted condition of worry and mental anguish. For many others the world over it is real physical pain beyond belief. Safety from physical harm is a daily reality. God protect these our brothers and sisters everywhere. May Christ Return to Earth.
 However trite my little adventure has been, when compared to other dire situations on our wayward sphere, I feel the victory and the implications of relief for one small person can be multiplied in your mind to reach the entire planet and possibly even graver situations.
 I feel obligated to share this to all of you, my unknown and in many instances unmet friends, mainly because so many people who I have never met reached out to me with such heartfelt compassion and kindness.
I was bought to tears several times as the situation seesawed towards minor personal calamity in stormy seas.
I hope it is enough for you to grasp a glimpse of the hope and the sprit of co-operation that we are all moving towards as we enter the New Dispensation of light.
Some things I have dealt with on the roller coaster ride of my recent coming out as a contactee and dedicating myself to light work full time is simply mind boggling.
I wish I had understood the Archon and astral parasite situation more when I was younger. I could have dealt with my struggles more easily and perhaps been farther along in my service than I am at this time.
Even though I understand how the hostile forces work behind the scenes triggering my emotions and others around me, it is still extremely taxing mentally. Knowledge and awareness of the hostile force is by no means a free pass. Admittedly in the end it helps if one is aware of how they work.
Keeping the body and the mind unified is a great start. Lifting the emotional Hydra of emotions feelings into the air of intellect to kill the water or emotionally reliant Hydra, as did Hercules is a good start.
The metaphor of this labor of Hercules (He had 12 and each represents an astrological based weakness/lesson) shows how we can struggle against our own imaginings and intent / creational challenges.
During this last week of my “poor me” fiasco, the challenges which were clearly bought about by my own error in judgment, have led the way to a greater light. However I know in the end it will all be worth it.
The error led to an accidental fire. The ensuing drama has been cumbersome and included fear of arrest, loss of freedom, financial ruin and all of it beyond my control. Hurting and inconveniencing other innocent people around me was also a cause for guilt.
There was no way for me to control the outcome by effort or fighting or even hard work. All of this stress was compounded by language difficulties in a foreign land and completing other obligations in my fledgling business in time to leave next week.
 I have been through the fire and tested yet again! The harder I struggled the deeper was my problem. Eventually resignation and dispassion must rule the day.
Emotionally I still get frustrated with the major astral parasite permanently attached to my weak spots and pushing my buttons. My work with Cobra and my declarations of truth as I see it, has renewed astral parasitic interest in lil’ ole me.
Impatience, fear and anger are my own particular flavors of strife that can ruin my day. Ashamedly it happens way too often. We all know the drill by now.
 This constant external pressure is working against any effort or intent and service which is trying to “Heal the Earth”/mission of light. I know others have this experience as well.
Taking responsibility and owning our weakness is a good place to begin with to start overcoming the attack of auric destabilization which occurs to all whether they admit it or not.
 Some will deny the archon astral parasite completely. I am not inclined to do so as I learned long ago how they work.
 If I had not dealt with enough after an accidental fire, which burned 3 cars, the Archons made sure there was more to deal with. Timing was such that I also was forced to move into a new secret lair, shortly after the firebomb almost burned down an entire building.
This took considerable effort, valuable time and all of that that was compounded by long late hours on the computer trying to drum up financial support.
I was up for days contacting prospective clients who had expressed interest in my products but could not afford them. I was offering deals to get things rolling to do my duty to the innocent victims of my accident.
I decided to tell my tale to 3 different Cobra families. Etheric Liberation of Facebook, Portal 2012, and Galactic Connection.
Within in an hour of posting on one of these a special benefactor/angel offered to pay for my entire responsibility all by themselves.
I was shocked, grateful, flabbergasted, dumbfounded, you name it that was I. Most of all I was relieved and so very grateful.
It took several days for this to completely manifest due to weekend bank issues etc. But I can now report it has finally arrived. Until I actually had the money I was reticent to claim victory.
This kind soul will need to be repaid. Though this is a worthy challenge for a light worker to do. I can and will get it done. It will be much easier in free air than a foreign prison.
I am also happy to report that my sales have increased due to my “fire sale” efforts as well as a few gift offerings/ donations by others.
Some of these donations are from people I have never met me and upon seeing these letters of well wishes and support. I bawled like a baby. Thank you all.
I have been so very busy dealing with all of this I could not find time for update report until now. I wanted to let all of those who have been asking what is the situation that I could not respond because was my computer was also stolen.
Yeah the Archons were not done with me they were angry at my pending victory. 36 hours ago another WTF moment occurred. Someone, we are not sure who. But it was either the maid or even a security guard broke into the house I am staying temporarily and stole my computer?
After alerting the maid’s superiors. We also alerted Security. The maid had to be a suspect but we still are not sure who it was. To be honest I laughed at this archon attack…. Well I didn’t laugh but compared to my passport remaining with the authorities, this was a minor setback.
 Disastrous on one level but perspective, perspective and more perspective was the lesson here. Again I thought of Syria, Egypt and Boston. (I know Boston was a false flag, still some people were hurt)
A security person at the home complex after being told about the theft of my computer mentioned to us that that a security guard quit under suspicious circumstances earlier that day. I slept with mixed emotions but slept I did as I had been up for days.
When I awoke the other morning and came down stairs the computer had been returned. Whew was I relieved? Scary that someone came into house while I was sleeping but I was glad to have the computer back!
You can imagine that for another 15 hours it was an even bigger archon load to handle. To be honest the computer was really nothing compared to no passport and the police situation.
The Archangels must have said “ENOUGH” for it rained and the air was clean here and something has shifted.
A Major victory of the light has occurred for me today. First the computer was returned and second a Cobra follower who has enjoyed my service has sent the entire amount to satisfy my legal obligation.
Furthermore Cobras post link to my site and Galactic Connection is sparking site visits and I have some great sales potential in the works.
All is well that ends well. There is always tomorrow for the Archons but for now I am walking lighter and feeling the blessings of light workers all over the world who have reached out to me. You know who you are. I thank you and I am grateful.
You all have now instilled in me a calm, a realization that spirit will call upon me someday. Possibly very soon, I will be happy to go beyond the call of duty. To go beyond what is expected to really step out of my comfort zone of service to self and only considering my own selfish needs.
 I will be looking for opportunities to dig deeper than I ever have before. I promise you I will try “Make it right” to the best of my ability and to others in way that can only dimly reflect the light you have all shed in my life.
 I can swear to you kind well wishers and friends that another will be grateful for a sacrifice I can and will make because of all of you.
This is not a tit for tat repayment but a realization you all have given or proven to me that this is how the universe works best.
We should all sleep well my friends. The angels are here.
 I hope the rush, the feeling of gratitude I feel and the good vibrations of loving thanks I am sending to all of you are felt by you.
There is a full moon eclipse the moon in Scorpio tonight and the moon is now void of course and it seems to have caused an astral retreat by the minions of darkness or so it seems for me in this moment! I do not have my passport in hand but it is looking very good right now.
The haters will soon be turned to lovers as every darkness is exposed to the light.
 There is no other way.
IAM Free it is done So be it. See you in Egypt, Laguna/Irvine, Vegas, Shasta
With great joy and affection to you all
Rob “pottsman”
PS what a ride
Warm Regards
Victory To The Light
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