– Filmed at the Megalithomania Conference in Glastonbury on 8th May 2010 by Nautilus AV Productions.

Description: The racial and geographical origins of the ancient Egyptians have been a mystery since Champollion deciphered the hieroglyphs in 1822. The prevailing consensus is that the ancient Egyptian civilisation was home-grown on the Nile Valley. But new discoveries in the Egyptian Sahara will challenge this consensus, and show that the origins of the pharaohs hark back several thousands of years before the foundation of the dynastic period (c.3000 BC) and, furthermore, that the first ‘Egyptians’ were from a black Sub-Saharan race coming from the Tibesti mountains in northern Chad some 12,500 years ago. The oldest known ‘astronomical’ megaliths in the world,those of of Nabta Playa are examined in this presentation.

Biog: Born in Egypt in 1948, Robert Bauval, bestselling author of The Orion Mystery (1994), Keeper of Genesis (1996) and three books with best-selling author Graham Hancock (The Message of the Sphinx, Talisman, and The Mars Mystery), will present the new evidence soon to be published in the book, Black Genesis, (co-authored with US physicist Thomas Brophy).