bionic-arm-artwork-lg‘Bionic man’ goes on show at British musuem
London Feb 09, 2013 – A “bionic man” costing one million dollars went on display on Tuesday at Britain’s Science Museum, complete with artificial organs, synthetic blood and robot limbs. Named Rex, which is short for “Robotic Exoskeleton”, the six foot six inch (two metre) humanoid with its uncannily life-like face was assembled by leading roboticists for a television programme. Although cheaper than the “Six … more

Engineers Building Hard-working Mining Robot
Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Jan 29, 2013 – After decades of designing and operating robots full of scientific gear to study other worlds, NASA is working on a prototype that leaves the delicate instruments at home in exchange for a sturdy pair of diggers and the reliability and strength to work all day, every day for years. Think of it as a blue collar robot. Dubbed RASSOR, for Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Rob … more

US military plans drone base near Mali: official
Washington (AFP) Jan 28, 2013 – The US military plans to set up a base for drones in northwest Africa to bolster surveillance of Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in the region as well as allied Islamist extremists, a US official told AFP on Monday. The base for the robotic, unmanned aircraft would likely be located in Niger, on the eastern border of Mali, where French forces are currently waging a campaign against Al-Qaeda in the Isla … more

Robots, recycling map route to greener French wine
Bordeaux (AFP) Jan 15, 2013 – An Earth-friendly future for French wine could include disease-resistant grapes, solar-powered robots, and lighter packaging, as vintners innovate to slash their environmental footprint. “We can’t keep functioning like this, polluting the Earth,” Alexis Raoux, sustainability manager for the Bordeaux-based drinks group Castel, told AFP. “What feeds us is the soil. If we continue like this … more

Nexter joins robot development business
Versailles, France (UPI) Jan 16, 2013 – Robots are playing critical roles on the battlefield and are growing in diversity, capability and manufacture. The United States has so far led the way in robotic technology and systems for ordnance detection and disposal, convoy vehicles and ground reconnaissance and surveillance for small infantry units. But others are getting in the game and now Nexter Systems, the French defe … more