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Did you know that a state can limit legal access to other candidates?  This case is about everyone having the right to vote if you are a legal citizen and registered to vote.He needs to capture at least 15% of the poll.

Then they need to get him into the debates.

There are no affidavits to be signed that will get your vote counted.  It is a false premise.

You will need to go to the poll site to express who you want, not through paperwork or 

signing affidavits for a 3rd company won’t work.

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A lawsuit is now being filed to ask the courts to give equal rights to all citizens registered to vote in a federal Presidential election. No one should object to this lawsuit because it’s asks that people be allowed to vote for whomever they want to in a Presidential election.

Some states allow write-in votes – you write in the candidates name whether it’s printed on a ballot or not. Some states ALLOW this. Other states don’t.

This lawsuit seeks equal rights for all U.S. citizens voting in a federal Presidential election.



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