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A GreyI’m writing a chapter about this, at the moment. For years, using simple, reproduceable telepathic

and remote sensing methods, I’ve checked and rechecked which person in Europe is the gray

alignment’s prime contact, the person or family that is central in the architecture of the gray

alignment’s manipulations of humankind. I ALWAYS come up with the British Rothschild(s).

In my writings I explain how aliens, who use telepathy and psychotronics, rely on their telepathic observations, hence among aliens telepathy rises to the level of an evidence standard. They can literally record samples. In order to do so also, all we need to do is carefully, explicitly share and refine our methodology. For years I’ve been working on that both in writing, and much more importantly, in actual exercises of the sort (among a freely shared human+ community of same). The science of this is now so well modeled and explained, down to the level of the feel, the configuration and more, that my next book (now nearly completed) is mostly about how we can now initiate our own choice of alien relations using such methods.

Like any science, it needs a model, clear and undeniable underlying science, verifiability and reproduceability. I hear from readers who use the methods I outline then are in contact, often very advanced remote contact with aliens. In one case, a doctor and former abduction researcher who’d had no contact previously was shown part of my latest book then had contact. I, myself cautioned him to beware of gray alignment abductors, then he was abducted himself, as an experienced hypnotherapist found out when she regressed him. He even found a roughly triangular indentation on his leg, a patch where all the layers of his skin had been removed, showing the red under tissue several layers down, which then healed up the next day. Normal loss of skin doesn’t do that, at all.

So, I feel comfortable in reporting the following. Again, with the Bilderberg circus still in the air, I traced the gray alignment’s key, onsite operative there and it comes up British Rothschild. He seems to be the key, very deliberate operative, beside whom David Rockefeller and the others seem lesser, in historical perspective. Over the years, I haven’t left off there. I also check the entire network of the aliens tasked with such doings (gray alignment aliens, obviously) and keep finding that in the worst, most heinous cases of human operatives used for crimes against humans, the gray alignment uses a hybrid version that looks human but has dark hair, a slightly larger head, and dark, dark eyes. In fact, that famous crop circle that suggested there are not merely 6-7 billion “humans” but more like 8.3 billion, when the gray alignment’s hybrids are added, that very depiction of a human-like face on the diagram is a very good image of those same dirty work operatives. I find them tasked, in their various craft or stations, with the child sex slave traffic, corruptions, making sure their famous human operatives are heinously criminal, and more.

In mind exercises (this is not sitting still—I don’t merely write on these subjects) I’ve traced this out, over and over again, for about 3 years now. A warning: they are very dangerous hybrids. In my case, given that a larger (a numerically much larger) number of native and affiliated Milky Way aliens both monitors and sometimes adds info in what I do, it seems the gray alignment aliens can’t get at me too directly. Yes, I’ve probably been abducted at least a few times by gray alignment aliens (I even know a human contactee, a trained hypnotist) who tells me about gray alignment aliens who respond directly to her queries and they explain why they’ve abducted me. Ironically, she recently wrote me saying the following:

My friend: You know our friend George. He has talked about finally making contact with what he feels are very advanced energy forms, truly ancient ones, billions of years old. Do you think these might be the same energy forms you have been working with?

Zeta hybrid: Yes. They are the same.

My friend: George is very excited about this.

Zeta hybrid: He should be. I am astonished that they would touch George but at the same time I am not surprised. He has been in communication with a number of similar species. We are happy that this very advanced form has contacted him as well. We are quite intrigued and have been exploring this advanced species too. It is the same advanced species with which we have been in contact. It is such an energy that it is not considered to be from one point of origin anymore but everywhere. It is not, in a sense, where one has to travel to or for them to travel to us. They are already here, and everywhere, omnipresent. We have discovered this.

My friend: In the last two weeks or so there has been a tremendous increase in the number sightings of UFOs across the United States and throughout the world. Is there something going on?

Zeta hybrid: It is just another cycle beginning of visitations for various reasons: observation, harvesting, kidnapping, cloning and curiosity.

My friend: Are they a number of different species?

Zeta hybrid: Yes. The usual ones. There are both what we would consider ethical as well as those who are unethical.

NOW, my remarks (George LoBuono) on this: The older, advanced aliens that I reported both here and (pending) in my new book are billions of years older than any known aliens affiliated with the gray alignment. They, and affiliated Milky Way aliens, even offer trenchant critiques of the gray alignement's attempts to misguide, manipulate, and dominate humankind—toward the gray alignment’s preferred hegemony. So, the Zeta hybrid above is either reluctant to admit that I’ve contacted independent aliens who are more advanced than any gray alignment affiliated aliens I know of, or the Zeta hybrid may have been instructed to essentially blur such distinctions by saying it’s the same race. It certainly isn’t.

Forgot to mention, years ago aliens critical of the grays’ alignment specificially stated that “the French Rothschild” is direct operative in gray alignment doings. Given Victor Rothschild;s role in sitting up Bilderberg with avowed former Nazi, Dutch Prince Bernhard, Jacob Rothschild also had to be looked at, along with Evelyn. For reasons of staging, global empire and financial connectedness, the British Rothschild(s) would appear to have more power and global reach than the French. I’ve specifically probed the architecture of their British networking with gray alignment aliens (who are many and obvious re their affiliation with Rothschilds, over time).