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Sunday, May 19, 2013

… words from my friend … watch CLOSELY …

intelRumor suggests that the good guys ARE NOW moving military & equipment near some major cities AND apparently have personnel set up to place a Net around Washington, DC to prevent the rats from leaving.
Drake is waiting on a phone call……and believes he may receive it tonight as a SIGNAL that the take down has started.
Other comments were the IRS is OUT but parts of the Federal Reserve will remain in support of the United States Treasury.   
Certain DC folks like Hillary, Holder, Obama and Biden will definitely face trial for treason and Murder.
On a personal note:

I was told last month that something BIG was going to take place around May 25 or 26 but my sources could not say what that was.  Apparently this is what was being planned.

Please CHECK this out!!

VIA, Dan Wessels  From F/B group sent to Carlos Garcia.

I’ve been offline for last three days trying to move my shop equipment 650 miles. I had several high level militia members call me with intel confirmed on un solders being flown into Indiana on 130s and c17s being issued us army acus name tapes and ranks and being put under order of dhs on top of that multiple armed swat raids being led by irs in south multiple people taken Texas Florida Mississippi an Georgia
when soldiers asked about incoming flights they are told you did not see what you thought you saw…
Anyone here have any more on this horrible development? I would sure like to hear from ya…PM or call my cell 605.836.0183