Aftonbladet is a major Swedish daily tabloid newspaper and a “reasonably” decent source for news. It has a daily circulation of about 1.5 million. They reported over the weekend that the Russians and the Americans are holding military exercises in the same area of the Baltic Sea where Peter Lindberg and his crew had planned to search for the mysterious underwater formation that many are calling a possible UFO. 

Peter Lindberg  and Dennis Åsberg     
It is somewhat uncommon but not unheard for the Russians and the Americans to hold joint military training operations. Joint anti-terrorist exercises just concluded in the state of Colorado and both countries have held joint exercises in Germany in past.  It has been confirmed that Russian War Ships have sailed into the Baltic Sea for NATO Naval Drills. These NATO drills seem to have come out of nowhere and oddly are in the exact location of the submerged object that Lindberg and his crew are after. One other thing of note is that this is not the first time the Russians and the Americans have rushed to a UFO / USO sighting, it you are familiar with the Shag Harbor Incident in Canada than you know that both countries rushed to the scene of this incident and covered it up before the public had a chance to get any information. 

Weather is another factor that could slow the progress of this search, Sweden experienced the coldest day on record in 84 years, June 4, 2012. It was actually colder than on Christmas day of last year. An amazing 6 degrees Celsius (42 degree Fahrenheit). You can read about this weather phenomena on the Extinction Protocol Website We will keep you posted as new information becomes available.

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