This brought tears to my eyes! I remember once talking with a Montanan who said Moose are the most aggressive animals up in the Northwest. He had nearly been killed by a moose and was stuck up in a tree for days until the moose finally left the location. To see the bond between human and moose was so awesome!

Published on Mar 7, 2013
51-year-old helicopter pilot Victor Zavalipich was flying over the resort at Lake Arantur 30 kilometers from Yugorsk, when he noticed a dark spot on the ice.

Going down below, he realized that he’s looking at moose that fell in the freezing water. to their surprise the animal ever so lightly turned its head toward them. the female moose looked frozen and exhausted, as they estimated it was already in the water for a few hours.

An adult moose weighs about 600 pounds, and, standing on the fragile ice, it instantly collapsed. To keep her from dying, Zavalipich went to the helicopter pad for additional help, ropes, ties and belts.

They later returned to the scene. The pilot and his three passangers struggled to get the half a ton animal out of the water. The operation lasted about one and a half hours.

Victor and his friends tried to warm up the moose, rubbing and stretching it’s limbs, and covering her with their jackets until she came to her senses. During this time they came up with a nickname – Manka. And then, releasing into the forest, tied her blue ribbon to identify among others.

“Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll meet again, said the smiling rescuers”.

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