Thursday, November 1, 2012 20:29

First Rank Captain Vladimir Prikhodko, the chairman of a public research organization for underwater studies, notes Russia, the U.S. and China are spending billions in space, when maybe they should spend the money down heredown deep under the sea, under the glistening, blue-tinted polar icecaps where, he claims, gigantic alien machines are hidden.

UFOs at the poles

For decades the Russian military has tracked UFOs and alien comings and goings at the top and bottom of the world. The bases flaunt the world powers and the technology the machineries display are sometimes little short of magic.

Captain Prikhodko relates the astounding case of Dr. Rubens Dzh.Villela, a famous Arctic explorer who, along with an officer of the watch and a seasoned helmsman witnessed aliens launch a vessel skyward from beneath the ice-bound sea.

The men sailed aboard a huge Russian icebreaker during a naval operation called Deep Freeze, that undertook intense naval exrecises in the northern polar region.

According to later testimony at an official hearing, Dr. Dzh.Villela and the two crewmen on deck with him were startled by an object that appeared from beneath the ice.

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