Well it sure took long enough time for this to reach the media…very interesting event. Makes you wonder how much space junk is truly out there and how often it is the cause of space anomalies? Anyone know? Drop me an e-mail please…-A.M.


path of satellites
On Jan. 22, 2013, debris from a Chinese anti-satellite program test hit a Russian satellite.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Analytical Graphics, Inc.

A small Russian spacecraft in orbit appears to have been struck by Chinese space junk from a 2007 anti-satellite test, likely damaging the Russian craft, possibly severely, SPACE.com has learned.

The space collision appears to have occurred on Jan. 22, when a chunk of China’s Fengyun 1C satellite, which was intentionally destroyed by that country in a 2007 anti-satellite demonstration, struck the Russian spacecraft, according to an analysis by the Center for Space Standards & Innovation (CSSI) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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