Putin pulls a Dirty Harry moment with “Make my Day!”

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"Are you feeling lucky, punk?"

“Are you feeling lucky, punk?”

[ Editors Notes:  Well this comes as no surprise. Western paper tigers, yes with lots of weapons and military forces staged all over, but also with ‘house of cards’ financial systems ready to collapse with one false move, are being called on their ‘huff and puff’ routine.

Russia calling the West’s bluff. Sure, Putin will absorb the pounding of the Russian ruble, as he knows he can’t control the market fluctuations. But just like Europe and other countries learned with the Iran sanctions, all the trade and jobs lost were a huge senseless waste.

And it was done at such a crucial economic time, and now we know Iran never had a nuclear weapons program as claimed by the US and Israel but who never supported with any hard Intel. What’s not to love about that kind of leadership, when it is actually an embarrassment to the word itself?

And they don’t blame Iran either. The world knows who the aggressors really were but most countries were in no position to stand up to the American bully, especially now that the US has demonstrated it will deploy proxy terror brigades WHILE fighting a War on Terror.

And what could they do when they see the US pretty much getting away with it back home in the land where people are free, but not from stupidity it seems?

If the West wants to kiss off Russian trade, Putin is saying be his guest…and we will see who manages the financial collapse better. What these aggressive trade war tactics have shown is a West thinking they are going to climb out of their economic problems by looting former Soviet states.

And the intended victims are now thinking “let’s just go ahead and crash the financial system now and we will watch how you explain that to your people. Maybe we will have some more sensible people to deal with for the recovery.”

The only silver lining I see in all this is that never before has the poverty of leadership in the West been more evident than now, their accepting no responsibility whatsoever for all of their failed policies and corruption. It’s time for a good strong dose of political ‘ex-Lax’ for the whole planet. It might be unpleasant for a while, but we will definitely be in a lot better shape afterward… Jim W. Dean ]



–  First published March 4,  2014  –


A Russian official says potential sanctions by Washington against Moscow would lead to the “crash” of the US financial system and end its global financial domination.

Kremlin economic aide Sergei Glazyev said on Tuesday that Russia will reduce its economic dependency on the United States if Washington decides to impose sanctions against Moscow over the issue of Ukraine.

“We would find a way not just to reduce our dependency on the United States to zero but to emerge from those sanctions with great benefits for ourselves,” Glazyev said, adding that Russia could stop using dollars for international transactions.

“An attempt to announce sanctions would end in a crash for the financial system of the United States, which would cause the end of the domination of the United States in the global financial system.”

The comments came a day after US President Barack Obama threatened Russia with sanctions.

If Russia continues its deployment of troops in Ukraine’s Crimea, the United States will take a “series of steps – economic, diplomatic – that will isolate Russia and will have a negative impact on Russia’s economy and its status in the world,” Obama stated.

In an interview with a US news network a day earlier, US Secretary of State John Kerry also warned Russian President Vladimir Putin over the deployment of Russian troops to Crimea, saying Russia could be ousted from the G8 developed nations if it continues on present path.

Kerry also threatened that Washington could target Russia’s state-run financial institutions and freeze assets of top-ranking Russian officials involved in the Crimea crisis.

Moscow’s military deployment to Crimea comes after Russia’s parliament gave the green-light to president Putin to use military forces to protect its interests in the Black Sea territory.