Thursday, 30 January 2014

handcuffs-vectorThe past 18 hours have been brought to you by a mixture of adrenaline and caffeine.  My greatest wish at this point of my exhaustive state is that I wish I had made a recording of the past 22 hours as I now have to rely on my brain to organize the massive amount of information that we have been through in the past 18 hours. … it would of been a hell of a lot easier to have been able to just post the recording of the discussions!

At the bottom of this article I am going to blast you with a massive amount of links to transparent news stories that I feel are important for people to read – these will help you draw lines between the pieces of the puzzle that have been laid out in front of us.

I have been trying to explain to people for the past year that all is not what it seems in the realms of the “RV” and the “New” Financial system, the Global revaluation of currencies and the perceived “Good guys”.  This isn’t something that came to my understanding all at once, but instead has been a constant trickle of information and intel that just hasn’t added up and has set off huge alarm bells in my head. The louder the alarms got, the more I researched and dug deep to find out “why”. Intel that came to me got tossed under the electron microscope and was thoroughly cross examined….

….I’d fallen for the bullshit before (ie: the Republic stuff and Bonner and Paul etc…), and I wasn’t going to fall for that ball of crap again.

If you haven’t read the article by pastor Lindsey Williams HERE, I strongly suggest that you do.  Mr. Williams, while I do not agree with some his personal interpretations of some of the information given, has laid out one of the most concise outlines of exactly what is happening with gold and the bankruptcy of the US and the hoarding of gold by China. Unfortunately, like many other knowledgeable people, Mr. Lindsey doesn’t delve deeper into the deeper elements of who’s doing what to whom.  As with so many of the “Gurus”,  the hyper focus on their goal of getting the money- through the “RV” and/or Prosperity packages- has blinded them to the blatant facts that are staring them in the face.  While many of them are singing the praises of various countries and agencies for bringing them the long sought after Saviour “RV”, they refuse to look at the underlying truths of who is behind the whole thing.

Their motto should be “SHOW ME THE MONEY…..and I’ll turn a blind eye to everything else!”

I am going to give you a run down of some of the important details and intel that I have verified, and I will give you my opinion/gut instincts based on that information.  This isn’t going to be a very pretty article and I’ll organize it as best I am able at this moment.  This WILL be long long long… so go get that coffee (bring the pot).

First off, I will reiterate this again:  Mdm Wu and Generals Wong and Li are NOT NOT NOT working for the so called “white dragons” and are NOT the “good guy humanitarian saviours of the world”- they work directly with the Chinese government.  The Chinese government is also NOT the “good guy humanitarian Savior’s of the world”, they don’t give a rats ass about US citizens (or any other country’s people for that matter), they are NOT working for the “greater good” and they are not taking over the US Treasury, the FBI the CIA and several other agencies because they want to help out the American people.  The Chinese are taking them over, because they are TAKING THEM OVER and TAKING OVER.

Please take a moment to chew on that….

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