Saturn is settling into his home sign for the next 3 years, as he will leave Capricorn mid December in 2020.

I know some astrologers think this is all very serious and responsible for the world and each of us, but this sign has its positive sides and Saturn does too, as in his own sign he’s comfortable and not as grumpy as he can be when trying to sort out order in any of the other signs he visits.

Saturn will be kind to those who want to put effort in, and work hard to make manifest the dreams and ideas we have had during his transit of Sagittarius.

His influence will be different for all of us depending on our birth signs and aspects, where Saturn falls in our own birth charts as wherever he is changing signs, this is where you have unfinished business, something you have to face and deal with and make work for you, so this is where you will need to focus.

And besides Jupiter is in a friendly sign to Capricorn so will support you in positive ways in your efforts.

For instance Saturn changes signs in my 12th house and being in Capricorn its a friendly sign to my own sunsign of Pisces, but for me its a change in my spiritual path and time to stop procrastinating about my own unfinished karmic business.

There is a lot of strong resolve and determination to do the best we can that comes with this planet and sign’s influence, to not beat about the bush, and to do our best and if we can’t hack it, Saturn gives us more than one chance to get it right.

Chickens come home to roost in whatever part of our chart Capricorn is in, and it is the first 9 degrees of the sign that will be under focus in 2018 until December.

So people born before the end of Dec in this sign will feel Saturn’s energies most in the first year.

So more commitment is likely in relationships, work or anything at all. You may need more rest and to take care of health a bit more than usual if born in that period.

There could be parental issues to deal with for some, and you may not find time to go far from home or step out of your usual routine, but there is a good chance to set yourself up more for the future and upgrade your status in life a bit more.

And you will have the resilience and strength to cope with any of it.

Yesterday the conjunction of Saturn to Quaoar was a starting point for creating a new world order, that may take some months to manifest but it will happen.

This is a positive Global aspect to set the ball rolling for Saturn’s journey through his own sign.

Today we have Venus in Sag trining Uranus in Aries, which is helping us to use our unique and original ideas and expression of love in active ways.

This is especially good for Librans, Taureans, Sagittarians, Aquarians and Arians.

Venus in fact is very active as there is also a novile to Jupiter, which gives a motivating and positive vibe to the aspects above for all to enjoy as the Christmas season approaches.

Venus trines Pallas in Aries, also encouraging discussions and the sharing of inner wisdom that can help us deal with any stresses or worries in this busy time of year.

Neptune has something to say also with a novile to Juno to make sure family and relationship differences are put aside in a Xmas truce, to ensure peace and goodwill is alive and well in our communities.

Neptune also quintiles the Sun in a soothing way so we can look at life through eyes that see the different dimensional realities that surround us, and tune into our own intuitiion and higher self to find true value in what this period of the year means to so many.

Tomorrow the Sun will move into Capricorn at the summer solstice on my side of the world and at the same time conjunct Saturn which is when we begin to really feel a bit more order and structure in our lives.

This will help us still our minds and settle into the rhythm of the Holiday season, whatever it means for each of us, sad for some, joyful for others and conflicting emotions for many.

Saturn will help us to manifest our dreams and make them real in physical form in the year ahead like never before, and coming in so strong at the solstice is a sign of that there are powerful times ahead for each of us, not just globally, as we will have a chance to achieve more than we have for a very long time in the material world or otherwise, if we use these energies in the best possible way.

The time for dreaming is over – now its time to use all our resources, energy , money, mind power and more to go after what we want and need in life, as this is the best time to do that even if it means a few sacrifices and having to toughen up a bit.


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