Ok – I got this from Ari and thought to myself, “I remember watching this cartoon when I was a little girl!” OMG! And to see it now through more aware eyes – very creepy!

Check this cartoon out. Some of the creators of it know something…. Look at the pyramid on top of the desk and the demonic creature coming in through the portal. The head-honchos in this cartoon seem to be Illuminati and they are worshiping a demon. Hmm! Why is this cartoon being shown to kids? Why is it in cartoon format?
Someone posted this on Facebook:
“The ruling “elite has used cartoons for a long time to indoctrinate our children. Its disgusting and scary how they use these subliminal messages right under our knowledge. They believe in hiding in plain sight and unfortunately for them, We are waking up to their lies and deceptions. I urge you all to watch childrens shows and see for yourself the symbols and subliminal messages they pour out….”