I think my primary question coming to mind is WHY???????-A.M.


extra extra newspaperVancouver, Canada (SPX) Dec 25, 2013 – Eighty per cent of scientific data are lost within two decades, according to a new study that tracks the accessibility of data over time. The culprits? Old e-mail addresses and obsolete storage devices. “Publicly funded science generates an extraordinary amount of data each year,” says Tim Vines, a visiting scholar at the University of British Columbia. “Much of these data are unique … more

China to build two new Antarctic bases: state media
Beijing (AFP) Dec 19, 2013 – Chinese workers are on their way to build the country’s fourth Antarctic research base and a fifth is being planned, state-run media said Thursday as the country expands its imprint on the icy continent. Construction on the main building of the fourth camp, named Taishan, will be completed next year, the state-run China Daily reported. It will be used during the summer season for resear … more

Satellite of Russia’s early warning constellation burns down in atmosphere
Moscow (Voice of Russia) Dec 23, 2013 – The Kosmos-2393 satellite integrated in the Oko system, the space component of Russia’s early warning system ceased to exist Saturday night, Interfax was told at the Vympel interstate joint-stock company, which is part of the Almaz-Antei air defense corporation. “According to our knowledge, the satellite disintegrated entering the atmosphere somewhere above the Southern Hemisphere last nig … more