Thanks to Dorothy for this one.

Listen to Scott Bartle addressing the European Parliament, Strasburg,  April 16, 2013 about the flawed fractional reserve banking system that we presently have.  Banks lend money they don’t have.  Banks openly in documentation state that they “create money” from the “borrower’s” IOU.  He states how, back in the USA in the 1850’s this action was a capital offense punishable by hanging.  The IMF paper quoted in the short 5 minute video states that the banks “create money”.  However, the US Constitution states that only Congress can create money.
There’s a wise old saying “When all else fails, read directions”.

From Dorothy:

This is just an example of what is starting to happen around the world. There is no hiding the truth anymore and those responsible are starting to be exposed more and more. This is just one example of what we will be seeing more and more of in the coming weeks and months.