Puppet String News

        BBC Reports:  A pilot has died after a light aircraft crashed moments after taking off. The plane came down in a field off Chiswell Green Lane at Chiswell Green, Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire Police said it was called at 12:33 GMT by the ambulance service to reports of the crash. The pilot, in his 50s, was the only person on board, the force added. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has launched an investigation into the crash. A spokesman for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue said the light aircraft had reportedly “gone down on take-off”. “Two fire engines and a service unit attended and made the aircraft safe,” he added. 
                                Question is now with 2 plane crashes near and on the Rothschild estate of Buckinghamshire, UK, is the Rothschild family being targeted by a special military option. This plane crash in Hertfordshire, UK which is only about 40 miles from the Rothschild Estate in Buckinghamshire, UK, are only incidents that are about 2-3 weeks apart.
​                      The question is this a military operation going down in England targeting the Rothschild’s, as you remember towards the middle and end of November…That Q on 4Chan basically warned the Rothschilds that they are not safe and can even hear them breathing. Of course the thing with this crash we aren’t getting a name of the person killed in the wreckage near the Rothschild’s estate today in Hertfordshire, UK.