Sep 27, 2012 by ORIBEL38

When you send light to ‘dark’ places you are illuminating these dark places so that (1) it creates a more balanced place where everything available may be seen and evaluated (2) others are given the free choice to discover these hidden ideas that contain solutions for some of the biggest problems on Earth.

— in politics, your light creates solutions that haven’t been seen before.
— in disease-ridden places, your light creates peace and hope
— in scientific places, your light creates ideas and inventions that were ‘hidden’ in the past
— where there is strife, there can be peace
— where there is hatred, there can be understanding

A true master allows all energies to serve him. And what better way than to have the energies of all your life times to assist you in sending your light.

And it is human nature to want see the results instantly. You are asked to instead trust Spirit to do the rest of the work after you send your light, and be patient and allow for divine timing and hold the energy of hope for your future.

Do you have 30 seconds today to send your light? That’s how long it takes dear Lightworkers, Old Souls, Lemurians.

You are very much loved,

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