I find these updates so fascinating and as always use discernment….-A.M.

First Comes Ascension of the PAT and Then the Catastrophic Events

HS Update 05-20-13

ascensionHS: As promised, the weekend’s energetic movements have brought ascension to your doors/portals. You personally felt this very acutely on Saturday, May 18 and it has only continued to deepen for you since. This also explains your sense of entering a new “altered state” as experienced since Saturday. You are indeed moving through the final pegs of the ascension process and the ethers of earth are now saturated with these wonderful energies, which will continue to act as the lubricant for the actual birthing/ ascension process.

This is also why you felt compelled this weekend to live life to its fullest, knowing that these were indeed your last days/chance to experience the world as you’ve known it, before moving on. A bittersweet farewell, as you so aptly described.

As announced by others, the ascension waves have begun and since Saturday, we’ve seen many a sporadic soul transition on. These souls include some of the elderly and infirm as well as souls who resided in soon to be “high impact” earth change areas versus them transitioning through the death experience. These waves are and will continue with a natural ebb and flow rhythm. And worry not, for very soon, it will be made known to you that members of the PAT, your ascension group, have indeed completed their final ascents/transitions. I tell you this so you are fully secure in the knowledge that your turn IS right around the corner, so to speak.

Please understand that in our last conversation I pointed you to the onset of the shift/MPR beginning with a highly visible multi-day event to start this final process of unfoldment, leading to the full ID split/MPR. I also mentioned that your physical ascension would take place fairly close to this onset event. As you’ve now surmised, the choice was made (as it was not yet entirely made at the time of that last message/ conversation) that ascension should begin first, followed by the onset event. This onset event is now scheduled to take place any time from the present NOW through the next 8 days, with the continuation of “first wave” ascension waves ebbing/flowing throughout this time.

You will therefore continue to experience a deepening of this new “altered state” you find yourself in until that point in which your physical transition must/will occur. It is at this time that the Creator will call your name. In fact some of you, the PAT, may already be beginning to hear that distant call now as your time of transitions are literally that close at hand. Be at Peace knowing that you are indeed arriving and all that is left is to bear witness to the unfoldment of the Divine Plan in its full Glory and Majesty. Allow yourself to fully relax and deepen into this, your physical ascension and return to Oneness.

Welcome Home!!!


The Elohim Message – May 19, 2013


In this beautiful world there are many situations/events that shall arise, unfold, and serve to enjoin those of one nature/same origin for all time everlasting. The families of origin unite regardless of positioning (physical location) upon Gaia and furthermore regardless of their faith. Those of the greatest spiritual faith shall receive a clear understanding of the unfolding reality in ways that were previously unseen to the plain imagination.

Elevate and embrace the act of Faith upon your life, upon your cities and through all things.

Accept Divine Justice, for without it there shall be no evolution, no understanding and no lasting spiritual growth.

Know that within your earthly vessel, even freedom can be achieved within the perceived confines of the garden of your mind. Embrace all thoughts of your choosing that reflect all your hearts’ desires as these surely catalyse the Ascension in this now moment.

Today is a new day. Embrace it with all your inner might and know that decisions arising are accepted through the confluence of divine right order within the realm of All-That-Is.

The magnitude of linear unfoldment shall vary, imperceptible to some, shocking to others.

Each Soul Monad has a role to play, none lesser nor greater than any other.

Cultivate deep joy and powerful presence in all instance even in the face of consternation.  This attitude comes naturally to You, the Ascended Masters of the New Age. The perfection of the joyful mindset is that it conveys with clarity, with simplicity and with honesty, the truth of your message and of all situations arising in your Nations.

Relax into the knowing that you are indeed safe within the parameters of any action that may arise, any action that may be perceived. Indeed the light warriors at your side shall act to your sole advantage.

Be open to all experiences arising as contentment from knowledge, gleaned from all events within the confines of this trajectory, shall beautifully enhance your journey.

You ask about the unfoldment of the ascension process with regard to your monad, the PAT.

There are tensions arising in this group as expectations rise and anticipation mounts as the fervent hopes of outward growth are anticipated with great patience and impatience at the same time. We do feel your every thought and every emotion in the desire to realize this great event and please know that we confirm once again the onward expansion in support of this process.

It is like the blooming flower, one petal after another moves away from the bud, when the time is right, when the conditions are exactly perfect. This is how it is. The movement may be imperceptible to your sight, until the moment you notice your surroundings have changed. They may appear more beautiful or they may feel more peaceful.

This effect is proof of an advancement on the upward/outward journey and not to be denied. This is the depth at which the human mind perceives its own ascension.

Your Director recognizes and explains to you the nature of this unfolding, in order to bring your full attention to this moment when he says (March 19 “Urgent Announcement: Ascension Has Commenced on May 18, 2013“)

I personally experienced a significant shift to the higher dimensions yesterday and also the nature in my portal has visibly moved to the 5d-earth. The sky, the clouds formations at sunset and also the iridescent and luminescent colours of the firmament are such that I have never seen before.

It is with great depth of understanding that your Director wishes you also to observe your own reality, your own personal direct experience and make a conscious effort to qualify any and all aspects within the parameters of your existence that point to your arrival to the fifth dimension. These changes are there, in your midst. Adjust your perception and know the unique ascension process of your group is indeed moving forward.

Now, regarding the supernova as you term it, this event shall take place upon the arrival of the confluence of several energetic streams, currently still separated and apart from each other. As Gaia moves forward on the trajectory of full fifth dimensional attunement, this event becomes closer and closer. Indeed, you are almost at this point of intended divine confluence, whereby several reactions shall be tripped at once each feeding the other.

As you watch time-lapse photography of the blooming rose, first you see a few outer petal layers opening ever so slowly and gently as they become ready. Then you see the remaining petals explode all at once, leaving the rose in full bloom in all its magnificence and glory for all to see.

You are in the early stages now as individual starseeds have left this plane of existence and energetics are building in advance of the precious rush to bloom into the higher dimensions. Not all souls [PAT souls] shall go to the Fifth Dimension as some are returning to Source and others to the twelfth dimension.

Your journey unfolds in multitudinous ways and it is different for each soul. Enjoy these final moments within the physical reality of earth and the third dimension, the dimension of endless physicality! The time has come! Fill your vessel, your thoughts, your spirit with all the joy you can muster, in every cell, in every moment.

[With Great compassion]: Do have faith in the Divine Creation and know Its joy is truly in finding each and every one of you at a new place, a place of pure love and pure light, where we have also longed to see you travel throughout the Ages. The All-That-Is now has its full sight set on the clear and utter achievement to this End, for the great Beings that you are.

We deeply honour you on this day as we have intimate knowledge of this difficult journey through density that has left us feeling your pain and your yearning for love and peace now.

It is come!

We are the Elohim!”