body with auric field

  • We come to guide and to support as the time that has always been stated
    approaches. In the “history” of human kind there has been an event that has
    been stated and all humans are now looking to this event with wonder. We are
    here to confirm through our channel that the information regarding this event is
    Much has occurred around the timeline that YOU are in and much has been
    distorted to create a lower energy signature in general for the human race, this
    event is NOT one of those distortions. We are here to guide in detail for those
    who have eyes to see and ears to hear. We guide the time of the NEW earth is
    now in the physical, the shifting of energies, the raising of vibration has created
    this event that has always been stated.
    We wish to guide further on the creation of an event in a timeline for those who
    are in the NOW. It may be confusing for the human mind to work with the NOW
    and the creation and we will do our best to explain this to YOU.
    We have guided on dreaming and the importance of collective dreaming, this is
    where the vibrations of those who hold the codes for the new earth merge with
    those who are in human form and able to dream. The dream councils are now
    reporting that the dreaming has created what it was designed to create. This is
    down to YOU dear humans for YOU have allowed the dreaming SELF to enter
    the void and to create. This is the way that all civilizations that are not on earth
    work and how the new earth that is created for the peoples of the planet earth will
    Dreaming has begun and those who hold the codes have dreamed with those
    who hold the LOVE that IS within their hearts. We are here to guide and support
    so that YOU may be able to hold the LOVE that IS more securely in YOUr hearts
    over the next 24/48 hours. The days of darkness that were foretold are now dear
    ones, we guide the days of darkness are for those who are now making a
    vibrational choice as to whether to stay on a 3D world or to move to a higher
    vibration and allow the LOVE that IS to reside in their hearts.
    Those who are not awake dear ones may FEEL as if their world is collapsing and
    we guide dear ones for YOU to hold the space for them. It may not be possible
    for them to hear YOUr words of comfort so we guide for YOU to hold the space
    energetically. This is done through the act of BEing, it is done by staying in grace
    and in LOVE and of allowing the FLOW of the new energies to move freely
    around and within YOUr BEing.
    The new earth is now BEing dreamed into creation, she now pauses before
    entering the birth canal to BE physically present in the reality in which YOU
    reside. This is done as a reflection of the dreaming that has occurred and which
    the dream councils will report on in greater detail.
    Those who work with the codes of the new earth are now moving into place and
    will become highly visible over the coming days. These are the BEings who are
    showing the new earth in its splendour. We ask for YOU to connect to these
    individuals in dreamtime and ask to connect and dream with them. They will meet
    YOU in the dreamtime landscape and they will BE able to show YOU in detail the
    new earth that the human race is creating in harmony with all realms and races.
    The influx of new energies will see various natural states of BEing for a human
    BEing accelerate. Those who have been working to clear their vision will see an
    increase in the depth of that vision and a depth of clarity they have not
    experienced before. For those who are honing their ability to communicate with
    those realms and races around them this will increase and deepen. The ability to
    telepathically communicate with those around YOU will increase tenfold. This for
    the humans who are not awake or who have not moved vibrationally to this
    TRUTH may be confusing and may for a short period of time create an influx of
    what is termed “mental health” issues for some of the population. KNOW the
    ability to be telepathic is natural, it is not an issue for a medical doctor who may
    prescribe medicine that will take the body out of its natural way of BEing and
    create situations that are traumatic.
    We guide in this level of detail so that those who are at ONE with this way of
    BEing who can accept their abilities to communicate with not only humans but
    other realms and races around them can help those who are struggling. This is
    not a time to be in hierarchy dear ones and we guide this strongly. We do not ask
    that YOU transform all who cross YOUr path but we do guide that if you are
    awakening and have the ability to nurture and space hold for those around YOU
    that YOU do so.
    The new earth is based on FEELings, it is not possible to create within the
    vibrations of the new earth with old vibrations active within YOU. This is where
    we guide on the days of darkness. Whilst YOU hold the aches and the trauma
    within YOUr heart this will come up for release. It is not permissible to enter a
    new born world with the trauma of an old world active within YOU. We ask for
    YOU to go into meditation and to do the work necessary to achieve the cleansing
    and clearing that is necessary to move to the new earth.
    We wish to clarify further on the new earth and the VIBRATIONAL shift that is
    required. We do not guide that a new physical earth will be created that is
    separate and needs to be reached. That is not TRUTH dear ones and we guide
    for YOU to detach from this scenario. This was implanted into human
    consciousness in order to provoke FEAR and to lower the vibration of the human
    EVERYTHING is vibration and EVERYTHING is energy, we now move to a
    vibration that sees the LOVE that IS borne a new, at a deeper level and
    harmonized and anchored within the human race. The days of darkness will
    occur for those who are not ready to do this, not ready to open their hearts and to
    BE. We guide that LOVE is the answer to all questions dear ones and that LOVE
    is the vibration that YOU naturally resonate to. The more out of balance and in
    line with the vibration of the 3D world in which YOU were enslaved that YOU are
    the more difficult may be the process that is needed to move vibrationally.
    ALL realms and ALL races stand ready to help and assist in this movement into
    the new earth. Some races and realms have instilled various tools within the
    human race in general to cope with the demand of the human race at this time.
    We guide YOU in the use of crystals, of colour, of meditations and of LOVE.
    KNOW that YOU are safe and protected at ALL times dear ones as YOU move
    through the dimensional shifts that are needed to raise YOUr vibration to where it
    was always to BE.
    We guide for YOU to BE in flow at all times dear ones, for the reality that will
    begin to BE created will be in flow for some time. This is not a quick shift and it is
    not a quick birth, the birth of the new earth will happen in different time frames for
    different human BEings. It is not appropriate to talk of earth years for that is linear
    time and the shifts of vibration are happening in all timeline and all dimensions at
    the same time. There is only NOW dear ones and we guide for YOU to anchor
    this deeply within YOUr very BEing.
    This is the event that has been talked about through all of time and all of the
    universe is now around YOU, the universe is waiting for YOU to dream the new
    earth for SELF for in dreaming YOU create the vibration that is needed to help
    others on planet earth. Work with the energies that YOU ARE and create by
    dreaming and bringing the vision that YOU hold into the world that YOU live in.
    Do YOU understand our guidance? Do YOU understand our words?
    We are the SENTINELS and we guard the portals to ALL new worlds. We come
    to guide in order to help and support YOU as YOU begin YOUr journey home
    dear ones.
    BE in balance, BE in flow and have TRUST and FAITH in SELF for the human
    race now works to come into harmony with the universe in which it resides. We
    welcome YOU home dear ones and we send the LOVE that IS to wrap itself
    around YOU and flow through YOU for LOVE IS.

    Channel: Karen Doonan, all rights reserved