I must find creative solutions,
If I want to experience union,
But if I take it all to serious,
I may miss what should be obvious,
And get lost in the ridiculous!

Sorry for the wind noise! It is always windy up on those volcanoes and I’m trying out a new camera so no muffle. Anyway, welcome in that New Moon in Virgo tomorrow (Thursday) and get to work haha! Indeed, it is a good time work, a good time to sink yourself into something that requires a lot of focus and energy so you have an outlet for all that pent up frustration at how SLOW things go on this planet and how much BS is involved in just about every process! No laying back with this Mars square Saturn and the Nodes all week.
We will see some results from our efforts though, that is the good news! Investments (in anything) that began a year ago will now show some results so I hope you have invested well. I’ll go more into the changes reflected in Mercury and Venus both changing signs a bit more next week.

One change happening on this end is that some great folks have stepped up to translate the Pele report into both French and Spanish.