jennifer_houghSimon on the Sofa communicating transparently with the wonderful Jennifer Hough – this dialogue points you to letting go of what you think you know to shift your perceptions and move into new paradigms and new relationships we have never experienced before. Dance with life and let go of the veils of conditioning and labels which are holding you back from yourself and enter the vortex of deep love for yourself and the whole universe.

Jennifer Hough masterfully leads her clients to “wake up” and transcend the underlying patterns that keep them stuck. Her gift is to cause a cellular shift that goes beyond intellectual understanding. Her work is about the blossoming of what is possible for families, relationships, health and peace for each of us personally, in business and on the planet.

Awakening isnt the goal, going on the journey of the adventure and the wonder of experiencing yourself as god or creation does as god and creation expands……….

The dance of life is now, be part of the ripple effect. Engage and you are part of the expansion of heaven and earth in the present moment and thats what you are here for.

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