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Janet Yellen’s confirmation vote is scheduled for Monday and I’ve launched my all-out blitz.

Online ads are running to ramp up grassroots pressure on my colleagues to vote against her nomination until Harry Reid schedules a vote on my Audit the Fed bill.

And now I’m issuing a last call for fax petitions to swamp the Senate.

You see, last month nearly 100,000 of your petitions poured into offices and Harry Reid was forced to postpone Janet Yellen’s confirmation vote.

So I hope you’ll take immediate action by signing your emergency “Audit the Fed” fax petition right away.

The clock is ticking and I need your help to send a clear message that you won’t stand for the establishment in Washington keeping the Fed’s policies under wraps.

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You see, Congress has the power to coin and regulate money so an audit of the Fed is the perfect way to conduct oversight.

The Fed’s endless cycle of print-now, ask-questions later drove the economy into a ditch and is preventing any chance of real recovery.

Its policies hurt the poor and middle class the most by boosting the costs of goods and services.

So you can thank the Fed for your grocery and gas bills spiraling out of control.

But there is one way you can pay Harry Reid back for blocking a vote on Audit the Fed and enabling these destructive policies…

…by standing up and DEMANDING the Senate hold an up or down roll call vote on my Audit the Fed bill.

Please do so by signing your emergency “Audit the Fed” fax petitions right away.

I thank you for standing with me in this fight.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S.  After you sign your petition, please chip in a contribution so I can continue to lead the fight in the Senate to Audit the Fed.

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