This series of videos present Earth changes such as flooding, red oceans due to soil falling into them, extreme hurricanes, extreme heat waves, earthquakes, ice storms, record snow falls, strong Santa Ana winds, huge waves, sink holes, sand storms, mudslides, fire balls, and extensive fires. As I was watching this, I could feel these events paralleling Mother Earth’s crying out and weeping (flooding) from the surfacing of humanity’s dense miscreations as well as moments of relief…We are all being forced out of copacetic existence, our sensations and emotions being rattled and shaken.  We are being communicated with in possibly the only way masses will pay close attention! Change is afoot and we must escape our doldrums and press forward with Mother Earth – connect with her – feel her immense efforts to do such a feat with as little loss of life as possible…-A.M.



Published on Apr 9, 2013
Just when you thought nothing is going on, this seires continues….
Earthquakes, major flooding, records being smashed and so much more has taking place the past week or so..
Thanks for watching here and stay safe!

Music Used
Must Save Jane – Undiscovered Realms

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