Divine Intervention is happening, let us count the ways…

News | June 3, 2012 | UPDATED: June 6, 2012

Each and every day brings more and more confirmations that something exceptionally extraordinary is happening to the human race and our planet Earth. We must realize and appreciate, at this very moment, we are living in the greatest, most spectacular times in the history of the world –– bar none.

Yes, there still remains a great deal of frightening events that appear to be in the offing –– endless threats of WW III, a global financial crisis, illegal home foreclosures, corrupt politicians and governments, unparalleled corporate greed, veiled terroristic threats, Martial Law, etc. –– enough to make one want to run and hide. When will it all end many are asking as they grow increasingly frustrated and impatient.

If we simply adopt a different perspective, we can see all these seemingly negative events as providing the drive and motivation for people at the lowest common denominator level to look more closely at a life we have taken for granted. And as one takes a closer look what is found is a world built upon illusions, falsehoods and lies.

People are now looking at their bankers, their preachers, their teachers, their media heads, their politicians and their leaders in a whole new light. Many are no longer blindly following the words of these formerly trusted sources, but are instead, awakening to the horror that something is drastically wrong with our world and a fundamental change must occur. You might say that there has been mammoth lose of confidence in what used to be considered tried and true.

And that is a good thing!

All of these negative events are merely the burr in saddle, so to speak, that will propel humanity into awakening. Even an event such as the 9/11 tragedy, as horrific as it was, has had a massive effect upon people asking more serious questions about how their government, media and authorities operate.

The fact of the matter is the corruption, disinformation and control systems have always been there. The difference is now everything is being totally exposed because it can no longer stay hidden. And as it is all uncovered, it directly leads to the expansion of human consciousness. As human consciousness expands, it no longer allows the unfettered deceit to hide in the shadows, without our recognition of it.

The end result is that real, colossal changes can occur. And that is preciselywhat is happening right now.

Admittedly, all of these exposures can make some feel rather weary and depressed, yet realize it has all being strategically done to get the attention of the masses. And the masses are responding in record numbers and finally waking up!

So it is important that we be ever mindful of how far we have come as a human species and as a collective consciousness, particularly in the last twenty-five to thirty years and most noticeably within the last two.

So let us count the ways the Divinely inspired Golden Age is rapidly enveloping our world.

Courtesy of  and Reported by Scott Mowry | www.miraclesandinspiration.com/news_signs-of-the-golden-age.htmls