Posted on March 7, 2013 by The Doc| 8 Comments
When it comes to real physical “hold in your hand” metal, there is NO ONE selling. If no one is selling then how is it that the price could go down? …COMEX and LBMA! The paper markets, that’s how. Paper contracts that are “sold” with no Silver, no Gold backing them AND no intention of ever delivering have hit the markets to knock prices down.

This “strategy” however, has spawned the unintended consequences of increasing demand for the real thing.
The recent US Mint shutdowns and premium spike in 90% silver is the looming “shadow” of shortage and as long as the “price” in the paper markets have JP Morgan’s boot on its throat, the shortage situation will continue, get more acute and ultimately blow up in a buying panic…exactly what JPM has been trying to avoid at all costs!