Channeler: Sirian Archangel Hermes

archangel michaelGreetings fellow beings of light. I come to you now through increasing harmonic vibration resonance, which will further open the window of light that bridges our consciousness. If you are reading or hearing these words now, then know that you are in resonance with this energy and vibration as well.

I come to speak to you of one of the most important transition aspects your world will soon come to experience. With advancing technology on all scales now becoming clearly evident, a great mental hurdle awaits your societal structures.

This hurdle is overcoming the differences of the concepts of spirit and science. There was a point in history when these concepts could not be seperated from one another, however with the advancement of free will, realization of self, and temptation of lower vibrational energies, humans began to split these concepts from one another, and thus duality was born into the experience of humans.

Absolutes began to manifest into conscious perception, and this is inevitable when one enters into a conscious experience of duality. For the first time, humans began to seek, to eat from the tree of wisdom, to experience their own consciousness by expanding it into the unknown.

This is a primal aspect of human beings, they will always strive for more, even when they have seemingly experienced infinity, they will find ways to expand it further, beyond infinity itself. When the concept of creation entered duality with humans, it split itself into spirit and science.

After a long period of time, society as well split itself into branches, and many individuals became entrapped in the upbringings and disciplines of these branches. What has now become of this, is that most scientists have become closed minded to the aspects of metaphysics and spirit.

While at the same time, some spiritual people have become close minded to the aspects of educational science and the absolutes derived from it. Anyone who comes forward with a theory that modern science in that time deems illogical, is fighting an uphill battle most of their life to prove what science has not yet confirmed.

Examples of this are Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, who were seen as madmen until they were able to prove their theories to science. Even then as most are well aware, most of the world still remains blinded to creations that resulted from their groundbreaking theories and eventual technologies.

At the same time, there are spiritual leaders, such as the Buddha who have similar technology, yet this technology is of a biological origin. The arts of meditation, sacred geometry, martial arts, pranic breathing, and other spiritual sciences are also groundbreaking aspects that modern science has dismissed until recent years when the amount of information and proof has become undeniable.

Previously thought absolutes are being shattered everyday, and when one acknowledges this, it is a clear sign of ones consciousness entering into infinite time awareness. Perhaps the greatest hurdle of all that awaits is the one of infinite abundance.

There already exists enough resources to sustain a comfortable and healthy lifestyle for all inhabitants of this world. It is due to the structures of society, politics, economy and currency that hunger, famine, disease and poverty remain.

The vibration of the planet is nearing the point where these truths will become manifest. However it is not unless you act upon them, that changes can begin to occur. Your dark cabal and politicians will feed you poison and lies, and they will admit to doing this in many forms, however if no one acts, then they will continue to do this, as they have done for a very long time.

The adage of “The only thing that evil needs to exist, is for good people to do nothing”, is a perfect parable for your world. You must rise up to your highest virtues and speak out, however, this is made very difficult by the cabals societal, economic structure and third dimensional time matrix, as many lightworkers are well aware.

The concept of time travel is another hurdle to overcome. When one enters into infinite time awareness, one acknowledges that it is in fact a reality, and it has always existed even before their own conscious memory.

There are no words to explain when one begins to expand their consciousness into infinite time awareness, for they can only feel it within. It is not until they educate themselves on current time travel theories, which are limited of course, that they can even begin to try to explain it.

Thus any credibility they will have with most people outside of their family or others of the same vibration and conscious awareness, is lost. Our strength is in our numbers. Unity and raising awareness continue to be our greatest tools at this time.

As entities of the higher dimensional realms integrate further into human hosts and consciousness, so do the humans integrate further into our own. That which is above is like that which is below. Lastly, I wish to speak briefly on your sun and how it affects your evolution.

Most of your modern solar measurement equipment cannot display data of metaphysical origin. An example of this is your solar flare scale. What is recorded on the scale affects mostly radio technologies and geo magnetics of the planet.

What is not recorded is the hydrolase plasma, or liquid light, that is coming from the sun at higher frequencies. This is a key aspect of the global geo-engineering project that is becoming more clearly evident as lightworkers raise awareness.

The metals in the geo-engineering formulas are sprayed in the air, and block much of the hydrolase plasma from entering into the energetic and acoustic bodies of people on the ground. The dark cabal is threatened by this, as it raises consciousness and increases brain function, opening the minds eye to truths that were not before seen.

When a large solar event occurs, it is best to simply feel it, rather than gauge it on a technological scale. Walk outdoors and feel the light, breathe it into your being, feel your truth, integrate and infuse it with your energy and then exhale and most importantly, speak it into your conscious experience.

As more begin to do this, more begin to awaken from their slumber, remember who they are and begin to live in their highest virtue and vibration. Soon all shall acknowledge the value of an individual to a collective, and unity will be inevitable.

We honor all lightworkers and everyone who contributes their time and energy to that same unity! In infinite love, I am looking at you this way, blessings in light.