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The famous Rendlesham forest incident is often hailed as the case with the most evidence to support it….such as the tape recording of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, his memo to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD,) a plaster cast of one landing-pad ground impression, the experiences described at Capal Green, by Airman Larry Warren and also, the well documented experiences of the initial investigating team, which included James Penniston, an airforce security Staff Sergeant, who left the east gate of Woodbridge airbase to investigate a light in the forest..


Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston, of the USAF 81st Tac. Ftr. Wing, was a genuine ET contactee, while stationed at RAF Woodbridge/Bentwaters twin bases in Suffolk, East Anglia, UK, in 1980, during a potential WW3 crisis. An international crisis, which required the Federation to process a USAF neutron weapons confiscation, via emergency intervention….Noting that prototype stealth bombers were operational in England, a couple of years prior to being revealed publically. Another point to note is that this base complex in England was twinned with Nellis AFB, Nevada, USA…

While investigating what he first thought could be an aircraft crash, Penniston came across an unmanned, automated, 9-foot, Sirian tetrahedral probe, which had been stationed at one of the perimeters of the forest, surrounding the Woodbridge airforce base…He correctly stated that he touched the probe, which he described as being black, shiny like “glass.” and actively operating electrically and so generating an electro-static field effect…..Along with missing time, this was the effect he correctly described, when the time-suspension was taking place, that allowed Sirian personnel to penetrate the base, between the ticking seconds on a clock…and remove fissile material before it could be deployed in a potential European war, in late December, 1980.


This probe was one of four, placed at the cardinal points that surrounded the twin bases complex and the tellurian anchor point, delberately grounded on tripod legs, in Tangham wood, to the east of Woodbridge airbase…The three other probes of identical appearance and size, where simultaneously located at air-born points, one in the west, others in the south and north..


Just prior to the generation of a time “bubble” field, which massively enclosed the vast surface area of the twin bases complex in a dome of uniquely isolated time stream…isolated from the time outside this bubble…

The generation of a time field requries a complex ritual of various motions by each of the four probes in order to invoke the compliance of those specialist devas associated with the time lord elohim and under their instruction…Thus, the magic invocation requires that each probe be charged with a “spell” (for want of a better word,) that is understood by the devas in symbolic written language and tones, also….through the use of Sirian sacred hieroglyphics…


In summary, James Penniston witnessed much and recalled some of it, following his hypnotic regression therepy many years later….Being a non-starseed, it was thought preferable that he did not suffer the trauma of coming face to face with offworld forces, yet his lifeplan has allowed it and he was subsequently permitted to convey his experiences, including his rough sketched memories of ET hieroglyphics, located upon the landed probe craft, which he physically touched with his hand..


Below, is his rough rendering of what he witnessed and for the first time, it’s meaning will be revealed to the world….



It reads, “in sacred service, this living ship (probe) invokes angelic powers, to flow through this east anchor point.”




On the third and final night of the GFL emergency intervention, the Sirian scout ship itself landed, through T-Mat transfer, direct to Capal Green, which is some distance away from where the first night’s probe had landed, but still to the east of Woodbridge airbase, in a farmer’s field…It was in this location that the base Commander’s (Ted Conrad) superior, a Colonel Gordon E. Williams, was debriefed by the GFL emergency intervention team, lead by Commander Vashtar (before he was assigned to the experimental S&E expeditionary First Contact initiative, in 1990…)


Williams was told directly, that any further attempts to deploy neutronic weapons against both Iran and Russia, would be dealt with through further weapons confiscations from USAF forward tactical operations bases in West Germany…That the use of the neutron bomb against mass Russian tank formations on the Polish border would not be allowed…nor an attack on Tehran, intended by the USA as a warning of their potential power, to the USSR..


Col Williams reported this GFL warning back to his superior, a General Gabriel, Ramstein AFB..and through him, back up the chain, to the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon,,

The communication was directed to Williams through partial telepathy, and English spoken word of mouth…Vashtar speaks perfect English and uses an American accent when speaking to Americans, etc, etc..


In the case of Jim Penniston, he did not speak directly to Sirian personnel, while inside the time freeze, but was able to glean a brief communication from the mind of the living telemeter probe itself, which he received as he touched the hull..Essentially, as he was not a telepath, he had no skill to receive telepath messages, directly, so the probe communication was imprinted upon his subconscious mind in the form of binary notation, for a future deciphering…….


Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”)


dramu kas….! (much love)


Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector)


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